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2008 – My list

Favourite album: Raising Sand Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Favourite song: Through The Morning, Through The Night

Favourite singer songwriter of all time: Robert Johnson

Favourite blog: The Daily Dish (followed closely by Public Address)

Favourite writer: Oliver Kamm (followed very closely by Abbie Jury)

Bay of Plenty Whanau


Happy 21st George. Party party.

This photograph was taken at the Mount on the 10th of January 1997.

Bay of Plenty Whanau

Racing pigeons

Racing Pigeons

I always imagine them to be racing pigeons doing their daily exercise. Their circuit passes us on Ocean Beach Road, Mount Maunganui. Between Omanu and Arataki. There may be 15 or 20 of them perhaps a few more. If I try and work out their lap times, invariably, they split up or alter their flight path. I don’t really have patience for it but did manage to set this up. So nine in a reasonably framed shot. OK. Not bad but I can do better. (I have been on about getting this image for about four years now I think).

Edited: 13:39 14/7/2008

Bay of Plenty Whanau


There were people everywhere. Dining outside on Ocean Beach Road down by the Mount. And heaps walking around or to the summit of Mauao – Mount Maunganui. More it seems, on a cool winter’s day, than in the height of summer. We concluded there were ‘lots’ on the mountain – a finely realised ‘statistic’ plucked randomly from the air and chucked about until we convinced ourselves of it’s veracity.

There is some resistance to this photo – I love it – another taken at the same time was preferred but I’m the editor and I win. Mother and Son – Marde and Oliver. The boys had walked to the summit and we around the lower track.

Edited: 23:12 14/7/2008

Bay of Plenty Whanau

Gin Rummy

Peter sighting his hand. A tradition of many years standing, Gin Rummy at the beach. In the countdown to the All Black Springbok match (No Sky). Peter recovered fully from the rugby loss to cook a wonderful meal of salmon, roast potatoes and whole green beans last night (Sunday) complimenting Phoebe’s Saturday evening roast. Yum.

Edited: 22:50 14/7/2008