This outfit cold called us last week. They featured on one of the six o’clock news shows this evening (sorry not sure which as I tend to flick backwards and forwards depending on the story). Not sure if we were singled out but it took us two days to shake them off. See here. And here – this later thread is from 2005. This from the same site is a bit techie. And this.

The two most popular business search portals in NZ are Yellow and Finda (not sure of their relative market positions – I am sure Yellow is significantly larger). If you can’t find what you are looking for with Google (English or Te Reo versions), Finda or Yellow it probably doesn’t exist.

If you are wanting to be found look into these three first. I wonder how Limelight is getting on. There are any number of smaller industry or area specific lists which may be useful.

Not sure how relevant this is. No search engines or directories.

Edited 14/11/2008: Spelling!