Bouncy castles

I use Win2000, XP and Vista daily. When I do use Leopard it is for – shock horror – gmail and I’m using Firefox anyway. My favourite OS is XP. I know where everything is, it is simple and familiar and I can use all sorts of open source stuff. Win2000 is a necessity as the Frontier 370 sits on it as does Sophie, our printer kiosk, and the DI. Vista is necessary as its native disk burning setup lends itself to ‘misunderstandings’ when sharing between machines – something we do a lot of around here. I have been known to refer to Vista and Leopard, both, as bouncy castle operating systems – I’m never quite sure where I’m going to end up when I jump in. So who is this advertising aimed at? This tends to confirm my worst fears.

Photograph: Ad. Sunday Times Magazine July 13, 2008.

Edited: 13:00 14/7/2008