Cambridge NZ

Friday in Cambridge

The following posts are the result of a fascinating few hours, today, which resulted from a perfectly innocent enquiry of Monsignor David Bennett at St Peter’s first thing this morning. ‘When is the mass for the World Youth Day pilgrims being held?’ As I am recording happenings in and about Cambridge with some enthusiasm at the moment (not quite sure how long it will last) this seemed a great photo op. As you see it became something just a little more. Thanks especially to Father Bennett and Rev. Andrew Hedge from St Andrew’s and to everyone else who lent me a hand. There were plenty of cameras and the press was present. This is my take. Any omissions and inaccuracies are mine.

BTW I am listening to the Robert Plant Alison Krauss Raising Sand CD as I put these these posts together; perfect for the job. Oh, but first – Motty.