Gmail down

I use gmail as my mailbox. In the past 24 hours gmail has dropped from view with a 502 message (not just a regional problem it seems). If you have emailed me recently – the last 18 hours or so – I may not have seen your message. Emailing me at – as per the contact info in the left hand column – will still find me.

Update: Sorted for the time being 2:39 PM.

Media matters

Sunday morning. Mass at Randwick Raceway. Obama in Afghanistan and here (great photos). A White House oops, On autism, Much better.

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., signs memorabilia for service members at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Friday, July 18, during a Congressional Delegation visit.
Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., signs memorabilia for service members at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Friday, July 18, during a Congressional Delegation visit.

(Justification: I may not have thought this through properly. The image above is ‘pulled’ (linked) from the HuffPo article above. The photo is supplied by the US Army. I am assuming the image is free for use, but I may have gone about this in the wrong way (The caption is HuffPo‘s – I think – so this may be an infringement of copyright). I have more to add to this post and will do more research as infringing copyright for me is an absolute no no).

References: Media Matters, The Atlantic Blogs, Spark 08, US Army Images, The Huffington Post, Humans, Time Magazine, (A reading list not just links to stuff in this post).

Updated: 17:07 20/7/2008

Update 15/10/2008 The Sky News link is incomplete taking you to their current front page.

Browser stats.

I assume these stats. are somewhat skewed in favour of Firefox (visitors to non mainstream websites and blogs are more likely to experiment with software?). The percentages are interesting all the same. Interesting, also, that IE8 is not showing up here yet – too small a sample. As noted elsewhere IE seems to have issues with the gallery I use and with the Lightbox function. Safari seems about right though Firefox is used on the Macs I am familiar with.

Bouncy castles

I use Win2000, XP and Vista daily. When I do use Leopard it is for – shock horror – gmail and I’m using Firefox anyway. My favourite OS is XP. I know where everything is, it is simple and familiar and I can use all sorts of open source stuff. Win2000 is a necessity as the Frontier 370 sits on it as does Sophie, our printer kiosk, and the DI. Vista is necessary as its native disk burning setup lends itself to ‘misunderstandings’ when sharing between machines – something we do a lot of around here. I have been known to refer to Vista and Leopard, both, as bouncy castle operating systems – I’m never quite sure where I’m going to end up when I jump in. So who is this advertising aimed at? This tends to confirm my worst fears.

Photograph: Ad. Sunday Times Magazine July 13, 2008.

Edited: 13:00 14/7/2008

I’ve run out of steam

There is more from today. I will post the rest tomorrow. Russell’s iPhone. Did I hear right the first purchaser was a plant? Duh! And then there is the lad who flew in from LA and promptly pulled his to bits. I can’t find the links but I assume if you care about this you will know where to look.

My reading today

This, this and the resulting discussion along with this goldmine and something for the family archive my cousin Lena Kenny currently a student at Massey University (in the background of the accompanying photo). Lena, her sister Alice and Dad Gavin visited us briefly on Tuesday.

Alice Kenny & Lena Kenny Tuesday afternoon the 8th of July 2008.

Right and wrong

Kim Hill‘s interview, this morning, with guest Alex Gibney is sublime (I do not think the audio link is permanent). I missed the other interviews, because I had to go out, but it seems they are here (for a time at least). Barack Obama’s move to the centre of American politics is unsettling some. An interesting article on the same subject. Arianna wades in. Obama on the politics of security. And Russell in usual thoughtful style. BTW Russell points to this.

Update 11:28: The Trons

Update 11:47: The security issue on Barack Obama’s own site