Church building, Victoria Street, Hamilton, New Zealand

St Peter's Cathedral building, Victoria Street Hamilton New Zealand

From the non series – Views I am very familiar with but see rarely this days. I love this – I think the building is part of St Peter’s Cathedral – well, it is right beside it – the path to the left leads up to the cathedral, in southern Victoria Street, Hamilton, New Zealand on the edge of Hamilton’s CBD.

The Gallagher Tribute to Sir Colin Meads

Sir Colin Meads

Sir Colin Meads speaking this evening, Wednesday the 15th of September 2010, at Claudelands Events Centre, Claudelands, Hamilton, New Zealand. The gala event a fundraiser for the Cancer Society’s new Lions Lodge in Hamilton.

Have you seen SM!CKS at Frankton Markets?

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hoodies (available in black, $59.90) or t-shirts (available in blue & black, $24.90) —TODAY— Frankton MarketsPUPPY NOT INCLUDED.

Photo credit: SM!CKS

The super awesome SM!CKS promotion

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SM!CKS, if you didn’t already know, in which case you haven’t liked us on Facebook, and you should, is a Lion Foundation YES business from Hillcrest High School which is (super awesome) designing a range of products with the theme interesting ways to die.

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SM!CKS @ Tradefair! YES*

When: Today, Wednesday 25/8/2010 4-5pm and/or 5.30-6pm

Where: Bill Gallagher Centre, Events Room 1, Gate 5 Wintec, Tristram Street, Hamilton, New Zealand

*The Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) is a school-based business programme that runs internationally and in New Zealand secondary schools.


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Whamiltron Bluegrass Muffin – live – Bicycle Wreck

Hopefully a superior version of this hoot of a colaboration will surface all in good time. For the present enjoy mine – the live mashup from three of Hamilton / Waikato’s finest. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, Big Muffin Serious Band and The Trons. Friday, the 18th of June 2010 Meteor Theatre, No1 Victoria Street, Hamilton, New Zealand. I’m really sorry you missed it.

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Hamilton – Chris Thompson

17/6/2010 Biddy Mulligans, Hamilton, New Zealand. #cough# – yes, that’s me I’m afraid – a bit of a cold – a little rough to start but we get there. I’m fairly sure there will be a reprise tonight.

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One time thing – Chris Thompson, Julie Grace and E-man

Biddy Mulligans, Hamilton, NZ last night – 17/6/2010. Sorry Chris, I didn’t catch the songwriter’s name. There will be another couple of clips soonish. Will do the YouTube thing later. Made with the mighty G10.

Chris says –

One Time Thing was written by the great Michael Chapman who is alive and kicking and touring with Bidget St.John in England [..] Glad I got a chance to do this one – especially with Julie and E-Man!

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Whamiltron Bluegrass Muffin

WhamilTRON Bluegrass MuffinDoes anyone have a more impressively sized poster (well JPEG actually).

Billed as:

The Trons, The Big Muffin Serious Band, and the Hamilton County Bluegrass band get together for a fun concert and mayhem experiment.

Tonight 2000 hours Meteor Theatre, Victoria Street, Hamilton, NZ.


Gorgeous with Attitude

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Bright day deep shadows and a frost tonight

Collins Road, Melville, Hamilton

I took two photographs today; this is the better. We were talking in the week  – digital v film – how easy it is to get the runs with digital – image capture diarrhoea – too much too easily. I struggle always to be less precious in my image making. Everything here is intentional – the wonky horizon line, the mucking about with thirds, the perspective. That there is a water bottle sitting in the middle of it all – I have just noticed – simply underlines the bad working practise I more often than not indulge myself in – getting the acquisition / edit thing all back to front – less is more. See the image, make / take the photo, move on – it’s not that hard really. This is one of the most satisfying images I have taken in a long while. Time from seeing to taking about 90 seconds – I had to turn the car around! This is so Waikato – I obviously should get out more.

Collins Road construction site on the western edge of Hamilton city, New Zealand.

This is very funny.

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Chris Thompson & the Big Muffin Serious Band

Hamilton, Hamilton
it’s the greatest little town in New Zealand
but I’d do anything to get away

A moment to savour. Composer Chris Thompson joins the Big Muffin Serious Band on stage for a unique rendition of the Hamilton song the first time composer and band have performed the BMSB standard together – at Community Radio Hamilton‘s Incredible String Bands! Open Day 2010 – outside the studios in Collingwood Street, Hamilton – this afternoon.

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Incredible String Bands – Community Radio Hamilton

Community Radio Hamilton invites you to its Incredible String Bands! Open Day 2010, outside the studios in the ASB building, 214 Collingwood Street. A family friendly event with fun for children of all ages.

The lineup is as follows: 3.00 Yanzi Xhu and Thom Klepach 3.30 Nate Taiapa and the Blues Society Blues Jam featuring Mr Darcy Perry 4.30 Der Kranks 5.10 Grupo Andino 5.30 Big Muffin Serious Band.

BTW if you can’t make it tune in to the simulcast (106.7 FM Hamilton City or AM 1206 Waikato region) of the gig from 4pm or connect to the live stream.

2010 Cambridge to Hamilton Child Cancer Toy Run

2010 Cambridge Hamilton Child Child Cancer Toy Run

The annual Ulysses Club Motorcycle Toy Run from Cambridge to Hamilton to raise money for child cancer left Alpha Street Cambridge at 11am this morning for Garden Place in Hamilton a distance of roughly 25 kilometres. Official photos taken at the start of the run will be available during the next couple of days at

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Touched – an installation by Adrienne Grant

Inspired in part by a quote by Jane Addams (1860-1935)

There is nothing so fraught with significance as the human hand

Performance by Yolanda Canardo-Galve.

10/2/2010 School of Media Arts, Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology | Te Kuratini o Waikato), Hamilton NZ.

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Hallowe’en 2009

Trick-or-treaters in St James one of the contemporary housing estates/subdivisions in the north northeastern reaches of suburban Hamilton, Waikato this evening, Saturday, the 31st of October 2009.

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