Local Elections 2010 results Waipa District Council?

No, I don’t either. Preliminary results as soon as practicable after close of voting. But where? If you can help please reply below. A singular news item – on radio last night – that Alan Livingston is returned as mayor. Obviously I’m missing something.

9:14AM | found it!

Waipa District Mayor:  Alan Livingston 5851, Peter Lee 4418, Steve Baron 1212, James Parlane 429

Waipa District Council – Cambridge Ward

Waipa District Council – Cambridge Community Board – Cambridge Subdivision

Update 12:35PM 10/10/2010: There are links on the front page of Waipa District Council.

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2 thoughts on “Local Elections 2010 results Waipa District Council?

  1. All the detailed results with the scores/votes were on the Waipa Council website by late afternoon on Saturday.

    1. Thanks. I was relying on Google which has yet to index the updated material on the WDC home page. The search query ‘Local Elections 2010 results Waipa District Council’ takes one deeper into the site to /2010LocalElections. My bad I didn’t think to look at the home page.

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