Bianca Duimel @ NZIPP Iris Awards

Congratulations Bianca on your awards – a silver and a bronze @ NZIPP Iris Awards.

Congratulations, Bianca, on your silver and bronze at the Epson/NZIPP Iris Professional Photography Awards 2009.

Other websites, built on the WordPress blogging platform & hosted by WordPress.COM, I’ve a hand in building, managing, mentoring and supporting. Currently; (technical and html support), (technical support), (managing – webface of a larger project to collect, collate and archive, electronically, as much historical and contemporary material we can for publication on DVD at the Karapiro, Whitehall, Taotaoroa and Karapiro Hydro Schools 125th Jubilee on the 24 – 26 September 2010 – with help from lots of other folk), (my bookmarks – Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v blogging) and (my return to WordPress.ORG  after a year away).

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Hi Michael, this looks great!
If I could just spend more time organising myself to add more stuff


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