Leamington NZ

Generations of Genes Phyllis Jeans vii ISBN 0 473 03868 4

ISBN 0 473 03868 4

Generations of Genes Copyright © Phyllis Jeans 2000
All rights reserved ISBN 0 473 03868 4
PEMM Publishing Cambridge, New Zealand


Bruce Jeans (skip) Laurie Harvey, Harry Trotter and Tom Bourke (Leamington Bowling Club) winners of the Cambridge Bowling Club Easter Tournament. 1997. In the background is the pavilion built by Bruce’s grandfather, Fred Potts. Michael Jeans Archives.

Fred Potts’ grandchildren. November 1989. Back. Judy Burborough, Bruce Jeans, Loris Kenny, Jeff Clay, Robyn Guyon, Beryl McCoskrie, Graham Clay, Sheryl Jensen. Front. Carolyn Milbank, Pat Bonnette, Beverley O’Dowda, Wallace Jeans. Absent. Ross and Warren Vincent. Private Collection.

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