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Generations of Genes Phyllis Jeans 12 ISBN 0 473 03868 4

ISBN 0 473 03868 4

Generations of Genes Copyright © Phyllis Jeans 2000
All rights reserved ISBN 0 473 03868 4
PEMM Publishing Cambridge, New Zealand

[p12] [The Jeans Line]

very difficult. It was sad to see this gentle person in such circumstances. On April 2, 1969, Dorrie died. The following day she was buried in the Hautapu cemetery.

Jim had been in frail health for some time. He had periods of confusion and needed care himself. He lived his last year at a private rest home in Tauranga. Jim died of pneumonia in Tauranga Hospital on 31 August 1969. He also is buried in Hautapu cemetery.

Jim and Dorrie. Cambridge. Probably 1920. Private Collection.

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