Official ribbon cutting Waikato Expressway Cambridge section 15/12/15

Today I got to be a press photographer for a few of hours. Got to drive on the new expressway before it opened – on reflection I may have VIP’d when I should have press’d (different car parks). Listened to speeches celebrating the land & it’s people, the maunga standing around us, the engineering and constructionContinue reading “Official ribbon cutting Waikato Expressway Cambridge section 15/12/15”

Shoof Cambridge NZ at World Dairy Expo

Today the company sells a wide variety of products — the kind of things you need when raising calves. One such is the Speedy Feeder, a plastic milk bottle which allows the young calf to suck milk at three different speeds. (Is there one for human babies? Geoff didn’t know but thought there should be.)
Although Shoof International spends a good amount of money to exhibit in Madison, the couple feel it’s worth it. “We sell through distributors,” Geoff says. “We come to Dairy Expo to provide support to dealers who handle our products and answer questions.”
It the trip worth the time and money (a one way ticket home costs $2,000)?
“We think so, or we wouldn’t come,” Geoff says. “Besides, we have been to cattle shows in England and Ireland and will go home after Dairy Expo.”