Commemorative t-shirt

Archbishop of Cambrai, Archbishop François Garnier presents Reverend Andrew Hedge, Vicar of St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Cambridge a t-shirt listing the names of 93 New Zealand soldiers who died during the liberation of Le Quesnoy in November 1918.

T-Shirt detail.

Edited: 09:41 12/7/2008

Many attending from the Archdiocese of Cambrai, the Diocese of Lille and the Diocese of Arras wore the t-shirt during the service at St Andrew’s and indeed earlier to mass at St Peter’s. T-shirts were presented to Father Bennett, Mayor Livingston, Deputy Mayor Lee and others.

Edited: 12:36 12/7/2008

Rev Andrew Hedge address

The address to Youth Peace Day pilgrims given by The Rev Andrew Hedge Vicar of St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Cambridge, New Zealand today, Friday the 11th of July 2008.

A story is told of a New Zealander who once went on a pilgrimage to France, to visit the historic battlefields where our grandfathers and great grandfathers had fought. He was not alone in the pilgrimage as he was traveling with others in a group, as so often happens in pilgrimages. A part of the pilgrimage took them to a small village in France, to Le Quesnoy, and for this New Zealander, as well as countless other New Zealanders, to a particular part of Le Quesnoy. They gathered on the spot where the New Zealand soldiers, led by Lt Leslie Averill had scaled the walls of the town in the liberation of the villagers from the occupying troops. Continue reading