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Creative Cambridge

I’m planning a modest project (10 – 20 pieces) for Cambridge Autumn Festival next month. The photographs will be made this weekend and next week with post production and printing to follow with a non opening sometime Tuesday the 20th of March. OK, lets say first thing Wednesday the 21st to be safe. Published 6/3/2012

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Leamington Railway | Leamington New Zealand

Cambridge-Rotorua Live Steamers Inc

Cambridge-Rotorua Live Steamers Inc; It was all hands on deck today – members and friends, volunteers – local businesses, Lions, Girls Guides and individual families. Most impressive. There are a bunch of photos here. The enthusiasm for this project is great to see.

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2012 Festival Magic | Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival | Lake

2012 Festival Magic | Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

I walked into an oddly quiet Hamilton Gardens at 6:30 this evening. There was something just a little austere about the whole place; the parking (well that was fine – sharp and efficient), the docents or whatever with their walkie talkies – the un-festive stretches of ugly chain link fencing. I had expected the place to be humming (or buzzing?) and connected, I suppose – it was quite the opposite. A little scout around revealed; folk gathering for Shakespeare by the river (in an area unfamiliar to me), the sound of performance from the Italian garden, preparations for a lake side concert and random folk and families here and about. I came to video Chris and Stan play before the screening of Casablanca in the Rogers Rose Garden. I guess there were 2 – 300 folk there by the time I had completed my task. Pretty sure the performance by the lake is called Unfinished Business.

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Volunteers at the Rev Cambridge New Zealand

The Rev volunteers

18-Feb-12 08:16: Young men – Cambridge High School students – fundraising volunteers (funds towards a school basketball team trip to the US apparently) at today’s REV Cycle Festival which is using the facilities of Cambridge High School (registration), Cambridge greenbelt (parking, marketing, merchandising and celebration) and greater Cambridge rural roads (the race itself) – yes, perhaps a little Matamata as well. The event has it’s own website its own corporate look and, of course; a Facebook page (with vanity URL no less!) and makes much of such exotic local locations as Scotsman Valley and French Pass (I guess they do sound exotic to visitors). It’s all a bit exciting really, very colourful, a smidgen carnival – and I do like the t-shirt. A few more photos.

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