Welcome to our new website!

I have just made a new website. The most satisfying to date. Not flash – not trendy – although it does have Facebook and Twitter share buttons :). Satisfying in the way it works for the person who will manage it and for those doing the reading. The software; WordPress. This site sits on WordPress.COM. Apart from the content (the words and pictures) and a strategy to publish (one post a week, two posts a week?? whatever – a plan of some sort)  the tools 1. a blog at WordPress.COM, 2. an HTML editor called Araneae, 3. and a simple image processor called FastStone Image Viewer. OK, being a photographer I also use PhotoShop – but this is by the by. That’s it; all up cost per year (domain name, hosting and email) less than $52.00NZ.  The time taken to put together a site from scratch – anything from 2 minutes to 40 hours – lets say you are up for at least 15 – 30 hours of reasonably intense work. Q and A back and forth with the client – very much a collaborative thing. Cheers Angela!

Cambridge Community Marae

Cambridge Community Marae

Cambridge Community Marae is situated on the corner of Bracken Street and Pope Terrace in Leamington and overlooks Cambridge across the Waikato River. Approximately one kilometre from Cambridge Town Centre, the complex provides ideal accommodation for small or large groups and provides large dining and marae areas, off road parking, spacious lawn areas, full kitchen facilities with walk in chiller.

Centrally located and minutes away from Lake KarapiroHamilton Airport and Mystery Creek Events Centre. A one hour drive to TaurangaRotorua and Raglan and 90 minutes to Auckland and Taupo.

Cambridge Community Marae

For Christchurch Cathedral from Cambridge Bellathon ap’PEAL

For details Carey McLaughlin 021 294 3353 or Phillip Coles 021 432 767. From 8AM – 8PM St Patrick’s Day 17th of March 2011, St Andrews Church, Cambridge New Zealand. Pull a bell and make your own peal for a donation to the Christchurch Cathedral or sponsor a peal from the St Andrew’s Bellringers.
Phillip Coles Bell ringer St Andrews Church Cambridge 23/2/2011

Photograph: Phillip Cole St Andrew’s Church 23/2/2011

KFC Krushers full of real bitz!

A hedgehog story. An odd tap, tap, tapping. A rapid tap, tap, tapping. Sufficiently strange to draw me outside at four in the morning. Make sense of it? Armed cats? Early morning panel beating? No, the sound is coming from deep shadow not far off along the road. Movement? Crickets and katydids, the distant swish of cars on SH1. Closer, I see a hedgehog marching purposefully backwards and forwards its face stuck tragic-comically in a transparent KFC Krushers cup. The tapping as he bangs the cup on the asphalt. I try to remove the container but he sees me coming. I am successful the second time. More an observation than ‘story’ otherwise it will never see the light of day!

Cambridge NZ to Lake Karapiro cycleway-walkway Ctd.

The Cambridge to Lake Karapiro portion of Te Awa – the Great New Zealand River Ride (Ngaruawahia to Horahora). Although yet to appear in the Waikato portion of Te Araroa the national cycleway-walkway. The westerly end begins at the intersection of Carlyle Street where Browning Street becomes Maungatautari Road in Leamington. Some 6km in length, give or take, and running alongside Maungatautari Road (and the Waikato River – a paddock or so to the north) through Pukekura to Judd Lane at Lake Karapiro. The eastern portion at the Karapiro Hydro dam end is interesting – a cantilevered boardwalk arrangement below the place called Crows Nest (Redoubt) or Te Tiki o te Ihingarangi just as you drop down to the dam.

Louise and Rodney’s wedding Pauanui 18/12/2010

Rodney and Louise 18/12/2010

For me full time wedding photography (1981 -2001) drew to an end, gradually, in the early 2000s. I have during the past decade agreed to help out from time to time – I don’t avoid, am happy to – I just don’t go looking. Oh, but, I do have a modest list of special wedding commitments – those who may choose to wed at some unspecified time in the near or distant future.

Usually one has time to prepare for such an event – months. This story has been told a number of times during the past few weeks. At 08:24:40 on the morning of the 18th I receive a text from one moderately distressed chief bridesmaid, of my acquaintance, saying in part we might need you. The photographer concerned had unfortunately contacted a debilitating 24 hour bug over night. What followed was a heap of fun – if rather exhausting. So, a quick trip from the Waikato into the Coromandel – through heavy mist and rain, north over the hill, from Waihi to Whangamata – arriving I think seven minutes after the originally appointed start time of 1:30.

A small gallery of images from Rodney and Louise’s wedding, at Pauanui, on Saturday the 18th of December 2010.