CENTENARY 100 Years of Education in the Taotaoroa Whitehall Karapiro Districts. 1885 — 1985

This is a digitized version of CENTENARY 100 Years of Education in the Taotaoroa Whitehall Karapiro Districts. 1885 — 1985 researched and complied by Phyllis Jeans, typed by Lesley Sewell and published in October 1985.

Cambridge New Zealand – WRCH2010 profile

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce committee member Michael Blake speaks at this evening’s Business After 5 (ba5) at the Cambridge Club in Dick Street, Cambridge. Tonight the final divvy up of countries in the adopt a country promotion Cambridge businesses are undertaking in support of the World Rowing Championships at Lake Karapiro in October and November 2010. The result of a silent auction and final draw will see both teams and visitors welcomed to Cambridge and surrounding businesses with retail displays and activities.

Leamington New Zealand – Band rotunda 100 years old ctd.

Two photographs taken 50 years apart – I’m guessing – the black and white would seem, by the clothing, to be WW1 time – well, during the early to mid nineteen tens anyway – and I think comes from a postcard. The colour slide is from around 1960 – from the dress and the hats. Both show the band rotunda in its original position – some 100 metres from the present site. Our POV, similar in both, has Scott Street behind us – looking almost directly east – the current netball courts would be off in the top right of each photo with the present Leamington Bowls building in front of the band rotunda where the tennis courts are in the older image and on the far edge of the bowling green in the 1960s photo.

KWTJubilee registration push

During June and July we will hold working bees (at Karapiro School) to bring together stories and photos – especially, though not exclusively, about the last 25 years. Using the 1985 Centennial book as the basis we intend producing a Second Edition with updated material. We have yet to decide what form this will take – a book or perhaps more likely a ‘virtual book’ on DVD. We are in the process of digitizing the 1985 book so it can be integrated with the new material.

Cambridge New Zealand – coming up – 14/5/2010

Leamington Rotunda Centenary Celebrations, Cambridge Farmers Market,
Cambridge Repertory, Stars in Their Eyes Cambridge High School Rowing fundraiser,
St Peter’s School presents, Victoria Square

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This week I resorted to building an html table (css not an option) for a project. Having laboured with the absolute logic of said construction (simple when you know how) I just can’t seem to let it go – so here it is – the shortened version. The trick, of course, is using percentages not absolute values. This may have a use – I like it enough to consider it as a navigation tool here. Though some design subtlety wouldn’t go amiss.

Cambridge New Zealand – St Peter’s School v Cambridge High

A large local event – with an excellent gala feel – televised live across the country. Just a pity the teams are so mismatched – the combined weight of the St Peter’s pack being considerably greater than that of ‘visitors’ Cambridge High. I was looking forward to photographing this but suffered battery failure – an experience so rare for me I don’t recall it having occurred before – on-the-job that is – I have invested in a backup.

Cambridge New Zealand – coming up – 8/5/2010

Thursday 13 May 2010
Harness & Greyhound Racing, first race 5.30pm, Cambridge Raceway.

Saturday 15 May 2010
Cambridge Farmers Market, start 8am, Victoria Square.

Saturday 15 May 2010
Tamahere Country Market, start 8.30am, St Stephens Church Tamahere.

Saturday 15 May 2010
ANZ Netball, Waikato BOP Magic vs Canterbury Tactix, 2pm, Mystery Creek.
Tickets available from Cambridge Information Centre

Saturday 15 May 2010
Through the Veil Belly Dance Show, Cambridge Town Hall, doors open 6.45pm
$15 adult, $5 5yrs-12yrs, under 5yrs free. Tickets: Cambridge LiquourLand or phone Brenda 021 077-1568

Saturday 22 May 2010
Leamington Rotunda Centenary Celebrations, art exhibition 10.30am to 4pm, Leamington Domain

Saturday 22 May 2010 – June 5th 2010
Cambridge Repertory presents Understanding Women at Gaslight Theatre.
Tickets available from Wrights bookshop

Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 May 2010
St Peter’s School presents The Scarlet Pimpernel the new musical adventure production
For tickets phone the School Office 07 827-9899

Tuesday 25 – Friday 28 May 2010
St Peter’s School presents The Scarlet Pimpernel the new musical adventure production
For tickets phone the School Office 07 827-9899

Source: Cambridge Information Centre

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Apologies to Safari users who’ve been unable to my view recent video embeds. I think I’ve solved the problem – though can’t work out why it should have been happening. Is it an address thing (michaeljeans.co.nz v http://www.michaeljeans.co.nz)? I don’t think so – any ideas? It is definitely an issue at the Vimeo server end – I have over ridden the embed at this / these domain(s) only with a global setting for the time being – beyond that I’m a bit lost.

Cambridge New Zealand – Hanson Creative

Lee Hanson speaking to guests Cambridge Chamber of Commerce at Hanson Creative in Albert Street, Carter’s Flat, Cambridge this morning. The Cambridge Chamber in common with others sponsor – through members – morning tea & after work networking & get-to-know-you meetings on a regular basis. This meeting was attended by some 40-50 people. The subject du jour: social networking – deftly handled by Lee.

Housekeeping 3/5/2010 – the missing sidebar

The right hand and narrower column (also known as the sidebar) serves navigation in a variety of forms – the most useful being recent entries, a search function, site map and search by month drop down along with links to useful and interesting places (IMHO) on this and other websites. So, to continue the story, I sat down at a machine this morning (XP / IE6) brought up my site only to find no sidebar – I can appreciate this is rather off putting if you are a first time visitor. My problem I guess – but I have only one answer – upgrade to the latest version of your browser – and there are other advantages to this – security for one. BTW the ten entries on my front page are there with the sidebar underneath – just scroll down – annoying, but at least you know.

Cambridge New Zealand – coming up – 3/5/2010

Friday 07 May 2010
Cambridge Fashion Night. Runway show with Bridget O’Sullivan. 7.30pm at the Raleigh Street Christian Centre, 24 Raleigh Street. Coffee & dessert. Tickets $20 or two for $30 from the centre office, Ph: 827 5794, or Bellissima, or online at http://www.womenofworship.co.nz.

Saturday 8 May 2010
Cambridge Farmers Market, start 8am, Victoria Square.

Saturday 8 May 29 2010
Cambridge High School vs St Peters School, first XV rugby challenge, start 2.30pm St Peters School grounds, SHW1, No.1 field.

Sunday 9 May 2010
Lions Trash ‘n’ Treasure Market, start 8.30am, Victoria Street.

Thursday 13 May 2010
Harness & Greyhound racing, first race 5.30pm, Cambridge Raceway, Taylor Street.

Cambridge Information Centre