Cambridge Town Cup sponsors

Cambridge Town Cup sponsors
Karapiro Rowing’s Cambridge Town Cup regatta begins about now (this year it incorporates the North Island Rowing Championships) at Lake Karapiro, today, Friday the 29th of January 2010. The regatta continues tomorrow Saturday the 30th and concludes on Sunday the 31st of January 2010. The Cambridge Fine Wine Company owners Andy and Nikki Anderson and Cambridge CBD neighbours Carey King and Kerrin O’Regan of Cambridge Computer Services – that’s Carey in the photo – are sponsors of the rowing event along with other Cambridge businesses.

Athletic Park Cambridge New Zealand

Athletic Park Cambridge New Zealand

A reader reminds me that athletics meetings were held on Victoria Square – formerly known as the Government Acre – before the move to Athletic Park on the Greenbelt at the Hamilton Road (SH1) Vogal Street corner. As I recall running at least the one meeting on the square the move must have happened around 1960 when I was intermediate / middle school age – please correct me if I am wrong. Athletic Park is on the left as you slow for the 50k sign travelling into Cambridge from the north west on the Hamilton Cambridge road.

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2010 National Waka Ama Sprint Championships

2010 National Waka Ama Sprint Championships

It’s waka ama week at Lake Karapiro this week the 19th – 23rd January 2010. This morning I spent an hour mooching about chatting and taking photos. Thanks to each and every one of you for happily taking part in my random guy walks up and asks to take your photo behind the scenes at waka ama project – thanks especially to Ralph for the cool ‘cover shot’ and thanks also to those in the couple of sneaky shots. The annual National Waka Ama Sprint Championships are being streamed live – click the logo below. The other photographs are here. PS if you want to add some information for the record use the comments function below.

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YouTube – My Resistance Is Low – Jane Russell, Hoagy Carmichael

Not sure that it was this particular version – and obviously from a US database. Chosen by the Facebook Date Of Birth No1 song app. If you can figure out where I was born – the actual address – from the geolocation embed here – and can tell me what device / app. you used to read it – (sorry, I had better restrict this to a Waikato sitting / location) – you win a portrait sitting ( individual / family / portfolio / business etc.). First in wins.

What is this thing called GRINZ?

GRINZ is a voluntary group of people with an interest in photography, who subscribe to this newsletter and meet from time to time (in Wellington, where this all started). There are no qualifications or costs to join – if you’re interested, you’re in ..

From GRINZ Newsletter – 18 January 2010

Subscribe to GRINZ and keep up with all things photography in NZ. Email for your subscription

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North Island Pony Club Show Jumping Champs 18/01/2010

Caroline Kennedy on Kala Bella and Dianna Kennedy

Cambridge team member Caroline Kennedy on Kala Bella discusses the course with Cambridge team manager (and mum) Dianna Kennedy shortly before a successful round this afternoon at the 2010 North Island Pony Club Show Jumping Championships at Leamington Rugby Sports Club grounds, Carlyle Street, Leamington, New Zealand. There are more photographs of the Cambridge team in the Day gallery for 18/1/2010.

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North Island Pony Club Show Jumping Champs 2010

The Waikato colours jump

Working bee. Volunteers set up jump rails this Sunday morning 17/1/2010 at Leamington Rugby Sports grounds on the Cambridge / Leamington greenbelt in Carlyle Street Leamington New Zealand in preparation for the North Island Pony Club Show Jumping Championships to be held tomorrow & Tuesday the 18th & 19th of January 2010.

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Cambridge Edition

Jeremy Smith & Katrina Lintonbon

Jeremy Smith journalist & Katrina Lintonbon journalist/acting editor at Cambridge Edition Fairfax’s weekly title hereabouts – in their Anzac Street Cambridge office this morning Friday the 15th of January 2010. Cambridge Edition [PDF subscription service] has been published since 1981 – though Fairfax ownership is more recent. There is a history of newspapers in Cambridge on the Cambridge Museum website.

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Tuesday walking group

Tuesday walking group

The Tuesday walking group pause in Cook Street, Leamington, New Zealand this morning the 12th of January 2010 for a photograph. Behind them is Victoria Bridge (they have just crossed it from Cambridge beyond) which has spanned the Waikato River for 100 years. This walking group – there are others – has been in existence for twelve years.

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Lions Club of Cambridge

Things may be a little messy around here for a while as I make some aesthetic and structural changes. I have no option but to do this live so please bear with me. You may continue navigating the posts while this is happening though some will appear a little wonky until I make individual adjustments. The page menu is moving to the side bar. The first challenge is to get the images in current posts correctly aligned. The side bar will then be revamped. The idea is to achieve a cleaner look with less distractions and more intuitive navigation both here and on my gallery server.

Photograph: The Lions Club of Cambridge Hot Food caravan parked outside the BNZ in Victoria Street, Cambridge, New Zealand on Wednesday night 06/01/2010 for the January 2010 Cambridge Cruise Night.

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Server upgrade

Note: Most images will be unavailable here until about 1AM tomorrow morning 08/01/2010. This is to allow upgrade and maintenance work to be carried out on my image server – located at – something which happens roughly every ninety days. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Cambridge Community Marae


Second cousins Avaria and Hawaikirangi – both great grand children of Te Mana and Sophie Tipene – at their whanau noho marae along with 45 other family members, today Thursday the 7th of January 2010. The family sleepover is a chance to learn about their family heritage and strengthen family ties. Cambridge Community Marae is located on the corner of Pope Terrace / Cambridge Road and Bracken Street Leamington.

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Matthew Harms – NZIDRS – MEIT

American PhD (Cultural Anthropology) student and New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS) recepient Matthew Harms – has a blog at Kiwi Chronicles. Here is a run down of what he’s up to – (from the 2009 NZIDRS recipient list).

Matthew HARMS – University of Waikato (Cultural Anthropology)
The community based Maungatautari Ecological Island project (MEIT) has since 2002, fenced a 3400 hectare montane area, removed non-native mammalian pests, and reintroduced native biota. From an anthropological standpoint, the project’s success likely comes from a degree of collaboration among the community’s Maori and Pakeha members. Matthew proposes to build upon his Masters research into the sociocultural and historical factors associated with New Zealand’s community based conservation, and will investigate the actual influence of these factors and the extent of biculturalism attained in the MEIT project. He intends to conduct fieldwork while living in the Waipa district to perform project volunteer work that will permit conversational interviewing and discussion with community/project members in a connected, mutually-beneficial relationship. In addition, he plans to highlight key findings by comparing the factors of the MEIT community and project to those at work in an aptly parallel (postcolonial, Polynesian minority) Hawaii.

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Cue a new Waikato glossy

Cambridge based – advertorial for the most part – this is obviously not aimed at me – I guess I’m sort of over magazines anyway. Perhaps it’s aimed at people who like Flash Websites – The Sample Room for example (pity the lack of content and search engine visibility). Ho hum. There are mistakes – the sort I make because I don’t have an editor – it’s, it was Cambridge Power Board and Karapiro is spelt so. Same market as the more established and BOP based Uno.Central; – they appear to share a similar template. Both published quarterly and retail for $10.00.

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