Zenfolio slideshow

Last Friday, the 26th of June 2009, Zenfolio the image storage facility I use was upgraded to include an embed slideshow function. Great, it works really well – but as this site is hosted by WordPress.com I can’t just pop the code straight into a post. So for those who wish to know such things it goes Zenfolio > VopPod > WordPress. If you want to know more – it is fairly straight forward – email me – michael AT michaeljeans.co.nz and I will explain further. Or you could read this. This slideshow is of images from this blog dating back from June 2008 – posts which are gradually being recovered and republished as time allows.

Cambridge NZ Chamber of Commerce intro.

My name is Michael Jeans. I am a native of Cambridge. Cambridge born and bred I grew up at Whitehall – educated at Whitehall Primary and Cambridge High. I have been Cambridge based for much of my life and a photographer for most of my working career.

Typical of photography services in smaller centres I offer the full range of what we refer to these days as imaging services. Wedding and portrait photography – the very popular and important skills of photo restoration, archiving and storage – photography for business, real estate and insurance. The whole bit. Visual branding and promotion.

I am very very partial to my home town uniquely hugging the Waikato River – its twinness – Cambridge and Leamington – its place as a Waikato agribusiness centre for dairying – as much as an equine centre.

Playing my part in promoting our place I maintain an on line diary or journal – there’s a year’s worth on line at the moment – a visual blog which in part celebrates and promotes the authentic Cambridge I know and love.

I am always on the look out for new and interesting stuff about our place – as I always say – quirky but effective – providing a window on our place for us and the rest of the world to enjoy. I look forward to working with you.

St Andrew’s Men’s Dinner

Cambridge Community Constable Senior Constable Neil Warren, spoke this evening, about his work in our community. Wide ranging remarks from a committed and passionate police officer. The most serious drug problem faced by our communities – alcohol abuse. He spoke also of the under-the-radar dangers of text bullying with the ubiquitousness of texting in the lives of young folk.

River visitor – Earthrace

Earthrace [and here] visits Cambridge at Dominion Avenue Cambridge NZ today, Tuesday, the 9th of June 2009. Moored on the Waikato River, below Duke Street hill and the curve of SH1 where the Karapiro Stream joins the Waikato and just below the furthest point on the river navigable from the sea – the boat is receiving local visitors during the day.

Fog 11:30pm Shakespeare Street Leamington NZ

We have had a series of frosts this week. Today was cold and rather miserable – a black frost (a frost with morning cloud cover) – I am not sure if the daytime temperature rose much above 8-9 degrees C today which is a rarity around here even during winter – we are usually slightly milder than this. A related observation, across the river, is made on Velofille’s photostream. And Phil. There is a change coming though – as always.

From typewriter to digital whiteboard

Twenty-Five or so years ago when my Mum – Phyllis Jeans – gathered the material for Centenary 100 Years of Education in the Taotaoroa Whitehall Karapiro Districts. 1885 – 1985 [ISBN 0-473-00307-4] the manuscript was typed (by Lesley Sewell) and set again for the printing presses at Cambridge Independent. We on the other hand have access to all the current digital tools enabling us to share and edit documents from home – view them online at meetings and share much more readily and rapidly to a greater audience the fruits of our research and planning. Above the Karapiro, Whitehall, Taotaoroa and Karapiro Hydro Schools’ 125th Jubilee committee meets at Karapiro School this Thursday evening the 4th of June 2009. The 125th Jubilee is being held in September 2010.

Bruce Connew | Vapour Momenta Books

In the mail this morning. Vapour Momenta Books is the pocket-sized publishing arm of photographer and artist Bruce Connew and designer/typographer Catherine Griffiths. The new website displays our artist books, along with other titles of interest to us, and maybe you, as well as the odd snippet of news that involves our work. Links VapourContinue reading “Bruce Connew | Vapour Momenta Books”