Shakespeare Street surface failure

Council and contractor have set to work to sort out what went wrong using whatever metrics it is you use to decide such things. Folk with clip boards have been to look and record their observations. And the contractor has been busily removing the dislodged chip – cause of the most disagreeable aggravation – the noise.

Cambridge BIG little town

Once more we suffer the indignity of the big little town Cambridge retailers window display competition. Poor, inappropriate and downright inaccurate branding offers nothing to Cambridge – and its partner in this endeavour – National Fieldays.

A promotion which does not call a spade a spade is a failure. Cambridge the Waikato town – most probably the largest Waikato town – functions, in large part, as an agribusiness hub – supplying its hinterland and beyond with goods and services. It is a busy place.

The sillyness of ‘villagising’ Cambridge and reducing commercial activity to the level of comic hayseediness is just wrong. Cambridge is in the business of attracting punters to buy its goods and services. National Fieldays is a celebration of businesses that thrive on innovation and all that other fancy go-get stuff people like to talk about.

This promotion fails both by subverting the strengths, aspirations and branding of both enterprises.

Wolfram Alpha

Worldwide network: A brief history of the internet 1969 The internet is created by the US Department of Defense with the networking of computers at UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute. 1979 The British Post Office uses the technology to create the first international computer networks. 1980 Bill Gates’s deal to put a Microsoft Operating System on IBM’sContinue reading “Wolfram Alpha”