Java 6 Update 22 | Zenfolio uploader issue fixed :)

That was a bit rugged because it is something I have no technical expertise in at all. I just had to wait and upload images ‘by hand’ which is very, very slow. What ever the problem is/was is now fixed – fingers crossed. Thanks to the nice people somewhere out there – Laura, Peter and Stephen who helped sorted it out.

Zenfolio slideshow

Last Friday, the 26th of June 2009, Zenfolio the image storage facility I use was upgraded to include an embed slideshow function. Great, it works really well – but as this site is hosted by I can’t just pop the code straight into a post. So for those who wish to know such things it goes Zenfolio > VopPod > WordPress. If you want to know more – it is fairly straight forward – email me – michael AT and I will explain further. Or you could read this. This slideshow is of images from this blog dating back from June 2008 – posts which are gradually being recovered and republished as time allows.