Cambridge NZ Victoria Square

Telling the Waikato Story: Cambridge Farmers’ Market; 2 July 2016

Published Friday 9 December 2016. Photograph made 2/7/2016.

I said at the time ‘this is rather akin to the Regional Council running the buses‘. The bus service is actually quite good; could do with some promotion, but it does what it does. And yes, it is easy to criticise, and no, I am not the target audience or market. Not even close. But. But. My gut reaction today, upon seeing this project, is much the same as when I made this photograph of the Telling the Waikato Story crew on the ground in July. How can I describe it? A stock image version of our place? A paint by numbers promotion? Who is this aimed at? Apologies; I mean, what is the target demographic? And yes, for good measure, what is Waikato? It’s kind of like that slide show your regional council make you watch in order to promote the promotion of your region. But then I’m not in that loop.


ref: Scoop  | Waikato Story