Peter Lee, Waipa District Council mayoral candidate ctd

Peter Lee, Waipa District Council mayoral candidate receives both bouquets and brickbats for his in your face get out and electioneer approach. This afternoon, Wednesday, the 29th of September 2010 he either harangues or encourages – depending upon your point of view – folk to vote in Local Elections 2010 as they drive across Victoria Bridge which connects Cambridge with Leamington across the Waikato River.

Cambridge New Zealand – an historical missed opportunity

Lost a time to savour and share – the opportunity for contemplation and reflection on our heritage. With leadership, effective communications and planning the management of this project in terms of cost, time frame and security could / should have factored community involvement into the dig for the benefit of us all.

Cambridge Autumn Festival 2010 – Cambridge Museum

Cambridge Museum has lost it’s marbles – a competition for all ages until Sunday the 2nd of May 2010. There are ten marbles – the entry forms available at the Museum, the Information Centre and Wrights Bookshop. The winning prize – a $40 book voucher.

Carolyn Parkes The Deli on the corner

Tomorrow, Sunday the 28th of February 2010, is Carolyn’s last day as owner of The Deli on the corner after seven and a half years. She will be greatly missed. BTW normal service continues on Monday morning under new ownership. The Deli On The Corner 48 Victoria Street, Cambridge, Waikato 3434, New Zealand +64 7Continue reading “Carolyn Parkes The Deli on the corner”

St Andrews Anglican Church Cambridge NZ

St Andrews’ Auckland Anniversary Day market day is an annual affair. Today it has many visitors as right along side SH1 traffic crawls home from the long weekend. One attraction is the church itself. As I sit still in a pew for five minutes taking this photograph I am intrigued by the comments of those seeing the inside of the church for the first time – I have known it all my life.