Twitter Debuts New Front Page

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Zenfolio upgrades

I think Zenfolio is great as a gallery, backup, file delivery and point of sale. It gets better. I am working on taking on the sales function. If you wish to use Zenfolio both you and I will receive a discount if you quote my Referral Code: HSU-YMW-KNV when signing up.

Just for fun

And no I haven’t given any other options. Please email if you have any other comments. Cheers. I am checking out that it works as much as anything.

Wolfram Alpha

Worldwide network: A brief history of the internet

1969 The internet is created by the US Department of Defense with the networking of computers at UCLA and the Stanford Research Institute.

1979 The British Post Office uses the technology to create the first international computer networks.

1980 Bill Gates’s deal to put a Microsoft Operating System on IBM’s computers paves the way for almost universal computer ownership.

1984 Apple launches the first successful ‘modern’ computer interface using graphics to represent files and folders, drop-down menus and, crucially, mouse control.

1989 Tim Berners-Lee creates the world wide web – using browsers, pages and links to make communication on the internet simple.

1996 Google begins as a research project at Stanford University. The company is formally founded two years later by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

2009 Dr Stephen Wolfram launches Wolfram Alpha.