Taranaki landscape

Taranaki landscape Te Popo area

I keep saying I have issues with landscape. I can’t be bothered photographing anything I can’t drive past or readily walk to. A fine tradition to be sure but it does tend to restrict. No, it’s not that – a landscape has to make itself known to me – I don’t go looking. Anyway, the point is not landscape it’s The landscape – this one just happens to be in front of us at the moment. And, when I do find something I don’t muck about – two takes – you can check the day gallery for the companion, 20 seconds to take both and 10 minutes just now deciding which to feature here. This is solitude, comfort, Te Ika a Maui, Taranaki and Waikato – Rangiaowhia and Parihaka and everywhere between. Yeah that, and what’s just around the corner :). BTW the fence is in good nick, of course, despite the wandering battens.

Photo made 27/12/2010 somewhere in the map below.

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