Autumn leaf, Shakespeare Street, Leamington New Zealand

leaf image footpath Shakespeare Street Leamington 3432

Cambridge and Leamington (by association) and the fact it forms half of our town, has had the marketing byline Town of Trees for some time. It works. Yes, there is the addition but lets just stick with this for the moment. Most of the trees lining the streets, on both sides of the river, are exotics and deciduous so at this time of the year we have leaves – lots of leaves. This can be charming for five minutes. Today in blustery weather there are leaves blowing every which way and things have become rather messy and cluttered and, not to put too fine a point on it, rather dirty and dejected looking. Then you get this – the impression of a fallen leaf stained into the footpath here on Shakespeare Street, just south of the shops. It has the look of a prehistoric rock painting.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – the new flags

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Cambridge Waipa flag Shakespeare Street Leamington New Zealand

The most impressive show is on Shakespeare Street mainly because last year’s makeover included banner friendly lampposts and lots of them. I know I’m labouring the point but design, branding, representation and display all fascinate. Yes, I’m disappointed with the choice of imagery – the rendering of what’s there is fine. So we have, held in our hands the Cambridge of St Andrew’s, equidae, a rowing four, water skier, footprints and a lamppost, a pair of cyclists – it’s around about here things start going wonky – the jumping trout, two shoppers, a wine bottle & glass and some indefinable fruit of the berry persuasion. The cows – well they are obviously down the back of the farm and the sheep – I forgot the sheep – they must still be up on the run off.