Autumn leaf, Shakespeare Street, Leamington New Zealand

Cambridge and Leamington (by association) and the fact it forms half of our town, has had the marketing byline Town of Trees for some time. It works. Yes, there is the addition but lets just stick with this for the moment. Most of the trees lining the streets, on both sides of the river, are exotics andContinue reading “Autumn leaf, Shakespeare Street, Leamington New Zealand”

Leamington NZ service providers & retailers

Brian & Caroline Tidey – Sheridan Dairy,
Reema & Shaleen Singh – Leamington Maxi Market,
Sam, Ewan, Trevor, Luke, Sue & Jenny with Payton-Lee in the front – Cambridge Home Kills,
Scott – Scott’s Café,
Ken – Leamington Pharmacy,
Tash & Peet van Dijk – Cambridge Body Art,
Kevin Cattley – Leamington Cycles & Mowers,
Maxine & Cherie – Maxine’s Collectibles,
Leanne – Leamington Barber Shop,
Sam & Narelle – Leamington Pet Vet,
Margaret Hampson-Tindale & Betty Hines – Jumble Around,
Max Russell – BP 2go Leamington,
Nicki & Jill – Cambridge Community House,
Donna Goodman – Warm Floors Gas & Heat Centre,
Karen Rouse – Class Act Hair Design,
Helen, Karen and Alison – Leamington Path Lab,
James Hemi – Leamington Physiotherapy,
Carol – Hamilton Radiology,
Vania – Shakespeare Closet,
Roger, Shani, Dagsha, Paula and Adele – Shakespeare Street Four Square,
Karl, Steven, John and Keith – Leamington Motor Services,
Dr Ian Gilbertson, Dr Rama Somas, Nurse Janet, Receptionist Kristel, Nurse Jane and Receptionist Sue – Leamington Medical Centre,
Gagan & Jay – Shakespeare Liquor,
Laura Mead student, Yvonne Randle, Dawn Wirihana, Roka Kirkland and Vicky Kay – Community Health staff members,
Roy. Craig and Rod – Rosswood,
Ian – Shakespeare’s Gourmet Pizzas,
Ron & Rosemary Cook – Cambridge Osteopathic Clinic.

The Leamington shops

Celebrating our flash new Leamington CBD / village / shops / main street – Shakespeare Street – with photographs, is a tad underwhelming – you really have to be here / there. And you can when the ‘opening do’ happens on Friday the 2nd of October 2009 (I think I have this right). I see Waipa District Council refers to our shops as Leamington Village – that’s with a big V not Leamington village little v – which might be preferable and ever so slightly more accurate. Using the term village does not annoy me as much as some mis namings but anyone enticed to visit Leamington based on the name is going to be rather disappointed. Not that we don’t have a handful of excellent specialty shops – we do – but a village it ain’t. In marketing terms it sounds twee and distracting for the traveller looking for an authentic Cambridge Leamington experience. Leamington Shops is good it’s what most of us call ‘it’ and local knowledge and convention must count for something. Leamington Cambridge history is unique and worthy of mining for a more suitable description – if indeed one is deemed necessary.