Best of New Zealand Geographic Photographic Exhibition

Stopping in Taupo for lunch today I notice the rather large ‘rustic’ and somewhat surreal sign for the Best of New Zealand Geographic Photographic Exhibition. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit the exhibition which I understand was showing close by at the Taupo Great Lakes Centre.

G11 v G10

I’m sticking with the G10. If you’re looking for HD video in a compact you need to look elsewhere. Along with the Olympus OM1, the μ[mju:]-II (Stylus), perhaps the Nikon F70/F90 series and most certainly the Sony F828 a piece of equipment -a camera – to enjoy. Here are some thoughts in the G10 / G11 debate. Bill Lockheart has his say and of course we have dpreview.

Bruce Connew | Vapour Momenta Books

In the mail this morning. Vapour Momenta Books is the pocket-sized publishing arm of photographer and artist Bruce Connew and designer/typographer Catherine Griffiths. The new website displays our artist books, along with other titles of interest to us, and maybe you, as well as the odd snippet of news that involves our work. Links VapourContinue reading “Bruce Connew | Vapour Momenta Books”

Canon G10

The Canon G10 has it’s detractors yet is a joy to use. This cropped portion of the image below – actually the image taken directly afterwards from the same postion/POV – gives an idea of its potential. A photographer’s camera they say. On the NZ market somewhere in the $900.00 range. BTW, I love the lookContinue reading “Canon G10” |

I have spent time over the past few days establishing links between both sites. Searching my archive should become as rich as searching here over time. Just shaping the archive into something that is simple and intuitive is a bit of a challenge. Hopefully the basics are there. WordPress 2.7 made it’s appearencce at 2PM this afternoon. The new dashboard is all is very flash and functional. As is usual with WordPress upgrades, particularly when familiar with all the bells and whistles, the improvements are a delight.