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After setting up a bunch of Facebook pages over the past four years I have finally succumbed, or should I say managed, to get around to publishing my own. Likes are more than welcome!

A New Zealand flag

A New Zealand flag

© Michael Jeans | +64 27 496 3802 | galleries | michael@michaeljeans.co.nz

A Day In The Life Of New Zealand 18 March 1983

Jayne Michael 18/3/1983

Self portrait | Jayne Michael 18/3/1983

ref: ISBN 0 85921 210 6 pp 51 & 201

© Michael Jeans | +64 27 496 3802 | galleries | michael@michaeljeans.co.nz

Christchurch NZ earthquake ctd.

Perspective (from the PA ‘family’): The Shakes (read the comments) 09:23PM 4/8/2010

Wikipedia: 2010 Canterbury earthquake 08:20PM 4/8/2010

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Leamington New Zealand – iPad

The iPad and the hegemony of the 6x4

Far be it for me to appear to be up with the latest toy – but here I am and here it is – and it’s all rather fun. Thanks Rae and thanks to Anna B. for the quote – it just seems to fit. The photograph comes from this gallery.

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