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Making wedding photos with Fliss, Louise & Rodney December 2010

at Pauanui Coromandel Peninsula New Zealand
at Pauanui Coromandel Peninsula New Zealand

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At Rodney and Louise's wedding December 2010
At Rodney and Louise’s wedding December 2010

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New Zealand

Louise and Rodney’s wedding Pauanui 18/12/2010

Rodney and Louise 18/12/2010

For me full time wedding photography (1981 -2001) drew to an end, gradually, in the early 2000s. I have during the past decade agreed to help out from time to time – I don’t avoid, am happy to – I just don’t go looking. Oh, but, I do have a modest list of special wedding commitments – those who may choose to wed at some unspecified time in the near or distant future.

Usually one has time to prepare for such an event – months. This story has been told a number of times during the past few weeks. At 08:24:40 on the morning of the 18th I receive a text from one moderately distressed chief bridesmaid, of my acquaintance, saying in part we might need you. The photographer concerned had unfortunately contacted a debilitating 24 hour bug over night. What followed was a heap of fun – if rather exhausting. So, a quick trip from the Waikato into the Coromandel – through heavy mist and rain, north over the hill, from Waihi to Whangamata – arriving I think seven minutes after the originally appointed start time of 1:30.

A small gallery of images from Rodney and Louise’s wedding, at Pauanui, on Saturday the 18th of December 2010.


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Bridal bouquet, 1349 18/12/2010, Pauanui, New Zealand

I photographed a wedding this afternoon. I found out about this by text – an SOS from a friend – at 08:24:40. Here’s the bride’s bouquet at 1349. I will tell you all about it. Later. A link to a small gallery of photos of said wedding. Updated 8/3/2011.