Cambridge New Zealand – local press

Very roughly Your Cambridge News advertising 66% content 33%. Cambridge Edition 60% advertising, 40% content. Saturday Herald section one around 50 / 50. Just saying.

Pretty frocks – 13 February 2010

Lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices – I think it was on Thursday night that a young woman came to the door, about 6PM, selling subscriptions to the NZ Herald – no one had bothered to tell her that we already partake.

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I’m not making this up

Cambridge in The Sun

– and no I didn’t go looking for it – Google Alerts! The story is – well – a story. Click on the photo to have a look. A story with legs.

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Your Cambridge Digital News

Mark Nogaj’s Your Cambridge News launches an online version at The most recent issue, today’s, is available for download here (PDF). AND the YCN events calendar.

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