PAK’nSAVE Te Awamutu Cambridge Road

Te Awamutu PAK'nSAVE

Tin Tin 3D at Regent 3 Cinema Te Awamutu – my first 3D movie. The form is more subtle and absorbing than expected and absolutely no problem for one who wears glasses. Yes, there are set pieces flying out at you, and one or two other 3D surprises along with a Snowy misalignment to contend with (could have been my imagination). Viewmasteresque (if that is a word) at times – more psychological than visual perhaps? Some perspective shifts I couldn’t figure out; foreshortened figures and squashed limbs. Style? Design? Not sure. And while I’m playing the critic some of the editing seems a touch rugged for my liking. OK, so a cartoon film which suits the treatment with the jokes, asides and witty visuals coming thick and fast in sympathy with the original. On the whole a pretty impressive project – quite like being there.

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Finding stuff on the Internet & c/w c/w

I’ve worked steadily for the past two years to build a relationship with Google, so the indexing of the Monavale Homestead article post posted this morning came back within 30 seconds. This is as much to do with the absolute uniqueness of the subject matter as it is in the way I have treated it. Out there we have struggling  for relevance – yes, I do use the white pagesNZ Post is up to something (I’m not sure quite what) and I do use this. is already cool – but this thing is completely lost on me. Finding stuff on the Internet using Google (the default search engine by a county mile) is easy if said material is unique and correctly presented.

Finally published 16/12/2010

Telecom New Zealand | Nokia 2125 CDMA to Android

This is a six month project – I’m in no rush. I got my first mobile phone in 1991 and have had 6 or 7 since. Uniden, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, GTran & etc. I’ve managed to break one – the rest have lasted the distance. My current is a Nokia 2125 CDMA; my favourite and the most long lasting – 4 years? It makes and receives calls, it makes and receives the odd text and it fits snugly in the fob pocket of my jeans. Next year the Telecom NZ CDMA network will shut down. I need a new phone. So going all out what do I want? – the obvious and the wish list.

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TU MAI | digital edition

Hope you enjoy this digital version of TU MAI  and join us in the excitement this new development means for us and our readers.A note from Ata Te Kanawa – the digital version of TU MAI is now available online by free subscription;

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Cambridge New Zealand – local press

Very roughly Your Cambridge News advertising 66% content 33%. Cambridge Edition 60% advertising, 40% content. Saturday Herald section one around 50 / 50. Just saying.

The WordPress trademark

Automattic has transferred the WordPress trademark to the WordPress Foundation, the non-profit dedicated to promoting and ensuring access to WordPress and related open source projects in perpetuity.

so from the beginning I envisioned a structure where for-profit, non-profit, and not-just-for-profit could coexist and balance each other out.


Cool design and words

The imagery is a little less compelling, on these two sites from California, than the words – but then look who’s talking. Approach these sites with maturity i.e. content caution.

Over here!!SlakeClick on CaliforniaCalifornia is a place

Cambridge New Zealand Lake Karapiro – weird stuff

I am far from ‘being in the loop’ regarding all happenings hereabouts – but an event of such significance right here on our doorstep unmentioned? On Tuesday, yesterday, 1/6/2010; the unveiling of the re-branded Lake Karapiro Domain and subsequent official opening of the new Lake Karapiro Domain ‘events complex’ – the Don Rowlands Centre. Observed in Fairfax‘s local – Cambridge Edition, in retrospect, as ‘marking new beginnings, unity and celebration’ the event is reported to have been attended by Governor-General Sir Anand Satyanaand and Te Arikinui Tā Kīngi Tuheitia, Waipa Mayor Livingston and ‘hundreds of people’. OK, so I don’t read everything but do try and keep tuned to local ‘doings’. No mention on the Waipa District Whats On page, the Cambridge iSite weekly email did not flag it and the extensive (and oft competing) what’s on in Cambridge columns in the current issue of each Cambridge newspaper fail to note it. Odd, to say the very least.

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Chris Thompson & the Big Muffin Serious Band

Hamilton, Hamilton
it’s the greatest little town in New Zealand
but I’d do anything to get away

A moment to savour. Composer Chris Thompson joins the Big Muffin Serious Band on stage for a unique rendition of the Hamilton song the first time composer and band have performed the BMSB standard together – at Community Radio Hamilton‘s Incredible String Bands! Open Day 2010 – outside the studios in Collingwood Street, Hamilton – this afternoon.

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Incredible String Bands – Community Radio Hamilton

Community Radio Hamilton invites you to its Incredible String Bands! Open Day 2010, outside the studios in the ASB building, 214 Collingwood Street. A family friendly event with fun for children of all ages.

The lineup is as follows: 3.00 Yanzi Xhu and Thom Klepach 3.30 Nate Taiapa and the Blues Society Blues Jam featuring Mr Darcy Perry 4.30 Der Kranks 5.10 Grupo Andino 5.30 Big Muffin Serious Band.

BTW if you can’t make it tune in to the simulcast (106.7 FM Hamilton City or AM 1206 Waikato region) of the gig from 4pm or connect to the live stream.

Pretty frocks – 13 February 2010

Lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices – I think it was on Thursday night that a young woman came to the door, about 6PM, selling subscriptions to the NZ Herald – no one had bothered to tell her that we already partake.

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Michael Shaw’s BagNotes coverage of the Haitian earthquake and the politics of imagery in general is always thought provoking.

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Cue a new Waikato glossy

Cambridge based – advertorial for the most part – this is obviously not aimed at me – I guess I’m sort of over magazines anyway. Perhaps it’s aimed at people who like Flash Websites – The Sample Room for example (pity the lack of content and search engine visibility). Ho hum. There are mistakes – the sort I make because I don’t have an editor – it’s, it was Cambridge Power Board and Karapiro is spelt so. Same market as the more established and BOP based Uno.Central; – they appear to share a similar template. Both published quarterly and retail for $10.00.

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