North Island Rowing Championships 2011

North Island Rowing Champs 2011 Lake Karapiro

I went to watch my cousin Alice row for Hawkes Bay (Women’s Novice Eight – Hawkes Bay 2) at the North Island Rowing Championships 2011 at Lake Karapiro today the 15th of January 2011 and passed the time by covering the later medals ceremonies. So, I think I have everything from event 117 (?) – 133 (MPrem 8+)put me right if I have this wrong. In what was a great regatta for Hawkes Bay the Women’s Novice Eight – Hawkes Bay 2 won silver. Cool!

Access code: 2011-01-15-saturday

WRCH2010 boat park off water pontoons Lake Karapiro

Looking southeast towards Maungatautari from WRCH2010 boat park Lake Karapiro

In the foreground the Lake Karapiro WRCH2010 boat park off water pontoons. Beyond the Don Rowlands Centre and the glass of the finish tower against the grandstand – apparently the largest temporary stand to be built in New Zealand – and yes it is huge. Beyond that the shell of the concert stage where Ophop will perform tomorrow afternoon – after the opening ceremony. And beyond again, above the trees, the northern slopes of Maungatautari.