Karapiro Hydro Dam spillway Wednesday 16 September 2010

In the past few days the visits to this post have risen markedly. So, I thought I had better get out and do an update. Because of the need to balance the levels of the dams on the Waikato River due to rainfall in the Lake Taupo catchment the spillway at Karapiro – I’m uncertain if in fact the ‘gates’ are fully open in these clips – is doing its job. Here is a press release which should explain all.  I was in Hamilton earlier this morning and noted the Waikato River running very high – as I crossed the Bridge Street bridge – well up over the walkways below the Ferry Bank. The three clips are a bit rough and ready – it was raining and I am trying to juggle an umbrella, the camera and my own aversion – in the first clip – to being directly above all that rushing water – it is a little unnerving.

Hand held: 11:06am 16/09/2010 25 seconds. Canon G10.

Tripod: 11:18am 16/09/2010 31 seconds. Canon G10.

Tripod: 11:22am 16/09/2010 31 seconds. Canon G10.