20 Things I learned About The Internet

This is a really good reference.

A fun guidebook from Google on things you’ve always wanted to know about browsers & the web (but were afraid to ask).

20 Things I learned About The Internet

A helpful place to start is near the Very Beginning: 1974. That was the year that a few smart computer researchers invented something called the Internet Protocol Suite, TCP/IP for short. TCP/IP created a set of rules that allowed computers to “talk” to each other and send information back and forth.

20 Things I learned About The Internet

michaeljeans.co.nz | michaeljeans.com following the stats.

Screen grab 2010-10-28-2357

One of the things one does, when blogging, is to watch the incoming stats. This does become a bit of an obsession. I use the inbuilt WordPress.COM stats which shows page views, made public as above, set when I moved to this platform in September 2008. Also public is Sitemeter (which shows both unique visitor numbers and page views along with a whole bunch of other stuff) going back 12 months and the fun FEEDJIT Live which displays visitors in real time along with the page/post they landed on. In terms of staying on top of my game the visitor search terms revealed in the WP.COM stats influence my use of tags and categories and to some extent the titles I use for new posts and the SEO friendly excerpts that compliment them. Lastly we have this which is a list of NZ based blogs (those with public stats.) that can, at the best of times, be a bit flaky – which, at the time of writing 1102 3/11/2010, is showing no data. If you look here the monthly aggregation of this data has me at 61 out of about 230. I first appear on this list in May 2010; 63rd of 163 then June 2010; 46/186, July 2010; 68/198, August 2010; 74/214, September 2010; 69/227 and again October at 61/226. All this suggests that folk are visiting specific subject posts – those indexed by Google (c/w michaeljeans.com) – and that I have a modest daily following. Nice!

*michaeljeans.co.nz 2010-11-03-1122 About 5,900 results (0.13 seconds)
**michaeljeans.com 2010-11-03-1122 About 3,320 results (0.12 seconds)

Leamington Waikato NZ v Leamington Ontario CA

This morning’s visitor stats are off the scale. All the visitors are from Canada and all have been looking at this. Seems there is a Leamington in Canada – I had never heard of – which has just experienced a tornado. It would seem that Leamington Ontario is somewhat more substantial than Leamington New Zealand – by a factor of about four – and is located on the northern shore of Lake Erie. Leamington NZ is bordered to the north by New Zealand’s longest river – the Waikato. Leamington NZ tornado October 2008 v Leamington CA tornado June 2010.

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A little gentle 1 April Google humour




Not sure why my stats. jump about though. Others: nanocenturies, microfortnights, epochs, Planck times and something about the velocity of swallows.

Tracking visitors


We are trying to work out what Google is up to. I’m trying to understand page ranking as distinct from page indexing. It’s a bit of a mystery. The past fifteen months has seen a steady climb in daily visitor numbers here and to another site for which I am responsible. A few days ago the other site hit a blip – a sudden dive in visitor numbers. A quick look around confirms that while Google continues to index the other site (2000+ for Google and 1000+ with Yahoo – similar numbers to mine) page rankings enjoyed over the past six months have all but disappeared. We have a number of theories and intend to workshop the issue with an SEO expert tomorrow morning. I monitor both sites with the page view info that comes with WordPress.com and with Site Meter. Today I embedded FEEDJIT Live which tracks current visitors, into my sidebar. If you click the image above you can watch it in action. All of which tells me all I really need to know about visitors but little about how to maintain and indeed increase visitor numbers. Both sites are updated regularly (at least four times a week) and feature almost exclusively, original material. As always there is much to learn.

Update: Google is currently showing about 330 indexed pages from michaeljeans.co.nz ??Yahoo remains at 1500+.

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Google and me

Google and me - a bit of milestone

Somewhere is an unpublished post written earlier this year with the same title. When I find it I will link to it. Having Google index my site as I add to it – is extremely satisfying. The result of, even though I say so myself, a lot of hard work – since embarking on my Google friendly quest back in March. Now seems a fitting conclusion to a period of geekiness I have been slowly trying to discard – much as I love it – for the past couple of months. Learning HTML in the early 2000s followed by CSS, then getting my head around php and mysql & the whole LAMP thing – was fun. Somewhere I read that many blogs go through a predicable cycle of enthusiasm, reflection, then stagnation. The later two evidenced by the blogger discussing the doings of blogging more often than blogging itself. So ’nuff said.

Google sponsored links

Well, well my first conversation with an actual Google person. Random.

A telephone call from Google Australia – ‘we cover both Australia and New Zealand – offering sponsored links at 30 to 40 cents per click through’.

It was all a bit call centre-ish. I am thinking why. I ask where they picked up the address details – dumb question –  it is Google after all.

Google is an abstraction, a tool. That it has an Aussie accent is totally weird. Well it turns out, I discover, when the follow up email arrives, it is this crowd who I have never heard of.