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I did not know that

It has been a funny old day. I’ve been scanning images for kwtjubilee. Discovered there is a WordPress Word Camp in Wellington the weekend beyond next. Thommo’s memorial service is on Thursday not Friday as I had surmised from the transposing of days and dates in the weekend’s paper. At West End Bowling Club which is close to Northgate and NPGH – at 3PM. There was a frost this morning – a surprisingly heavy one – I have spent the day, a day which has been bright and sunny, inside in airconditioned isolation. The mystery that is Twitter, as opposed to the Twitter of ‘media’ reputation, is beginning to dim as I slowly see it’s potential. New folk are following me. I rather like Russell Brown‘s take – an RB original I am sure –

Essentially, Twitter is poetic, and Facebook is administrative.

My use of both will fall into the adminstrative camp. I may be wrong. Friends, real live actual friends continue to find me on Facebook which is heartwarming. Having folk follow me on Twitter is gratifying and is beginning to shape how I use it to amplify posts here at my blog. I read bits of Until Next Time and will return to it. And this sublime eulogy.

And honest I did not know this. If you are on a PC and reading text in any contemporary browser ( FF3.5, EI8, Chrome or Safari 4) place your finger on the Ctrl key and roll the scroll button on your mouse. So simple, so obvious  – but who tells you these things until someone randomly mentions it – Duh – I think it may have been there for a while.

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Bullrush or kingasini Ctd.

A reader writes:

the word ‘kingasini’ brought memories flooding back (oh that I could still play it!). I played it in the late 40’s to 50’s and my kids played Bullrush. I think there might have been a slight variation between the two but for the life of me I can’t think what it is! I wonder what they call it these days, must ask my grandkids.


Facebook issues

Facebook owns you ?

Hat tip: CNN

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