Replica telephone box Empire Street Cambridge New Zealand

Built in 1990 by Cambridge firm Wackrows Joinery for Telecom New Zealand in the style of a 1910s telephone box (and subsequently decommissioned) the Cambridge book exchange in lower Empire Street was established in 2015 by the Cambridge Community Board. [link] [day gallery 9/4/17] © Michael Jeans | +64 27 496 3802 | Cambridge New ZealandContinue reading “Replica telephone box Empire Street Cambridge New Zealand”

Mime; Empire and Duke Cambridge New Zealand

A workshop in street mime methinks (with just the merest hint of the Ned Flanders) – there did appear to be more than just a handful of them – rather than some grand conceptual statement – I may be wrong. Ambush marketing? With the Cambridge Autumn Festival due to kick off close by within the hour!

Carolyn Parkes The Deli on the corner

Tomorrow, Sunday the 28th of February 2010, is Carolyn’s last day as owner of The Deli on the corner after seven and a half years. She will be greatly missed. BTW normal service continues on Monday morning under new ownership. The Deli On The Corner 48 Victoria Street, Cambridge, Waikato 3434, New Zealand +64 7Continue reading “Carolyn Parkes The Deli on the corner”