Election night blogging

21:59: TV1 is dancing around a National coalition win. Looking likely.
21:52: BTW It is Guy Fawkes night here. I am completely surrounded by fireworks going off.
21:47: Natrad are speculating – Helen’s options should Labour lose. Who knows?
21:16: TV3 are speculating – a tight race (if Winston scrapes together 5%)??
20:52: Russell’s comments, good point Stephen Judd.

Election day 2008

Leamington School, Scott Street, Leamington

Dad leaves Leamington School after voting in today’s General Election. We live in the Tāupo Electorate which extends from here, in the Waikato, to Turangi 180 kilometres away – by road – on the southern shores of Lake Taupo.

Meet the candidate

Vote For Me

Edited 21:00 06/11/2008

I am rather late with this – two days – old news. Been soaking up history being made. On Tuesday morning when clearing our mailbox I found a flyer inviting us to a meet the candidate do the previous evening. I am sorry I missed it. I must admit that I did notice the six party hoarding installation, at the house in question, had been joined by a seventh – when arriving home on Monday – but could not read it as I turned the corner.

This I must add is the very house that sent out a charming young man, not so long ago, to tell us – and other surrounding homeowners – they were having a party and could be a little noisy that evening. Pity they didn’t use the same approach – it worked for me.