1 July 2018

On a mission of sorts. Half time. Have been cross posting during June. This will continue during July. Comparing the mechanics and usefulness of web platforms used, or ignored, over the past decade or so. ello.co far and away the easier and most elegant posting experience of all; vies with Behance as a digital creativesContinue reading “1 July 2018”

Tuesday walking group

The Tuesday walking group pause in Cook Street, Leamington, New Zealand this morning the 12th of January 2010 for a photograph. Behind them is Victoria Bridge (they have just crossed it from Cambridge beyond) which has spanned the Waikato River for 100 years. This walking group – there are others – has been in existence for twelve years.

Cook Street Leamington

Back to Cook Street where I saw the Triumph Stags this morning. Cook Street is all of 200-300 metres long – a brief interlude between roundabouts – running along the Waikato River. It’s uniqueness – it links traffic from the east – Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty with the west – New Plymouth and Taranaki. There are other routes – this is ours.