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SquareSpace experiment jan / feb 2013

SquareSpace trial
SquareSpace trial

Absolutely cool, easy to learn and set up. 24/7 support – friendly and encouraging. Looks great. English I think? No, perhaps it is American. I envision it an excellent portal / portfolio / shop window website. Just a little lacking in the navigation and layout integration departments – though using it as is, is still pretty nifty. Would love to see the blogging and page options keep the full screen gallery layout (perhaps I missed something). How about html image mapping (?) to enhance navigation creatively using all that wide screen expanse. This review puts it up there on a par with WordPress (this blog) and Google’s Blogger. There is a more expensive option but at around $US100.00 per year (with domain mapping) a snip. I will have another look in the near future.

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