Christchurch NZ earthquake followup



Calamity management & reporting

Mapping the quake. Media mapping and personal stories with the follow on. Being kept informed by this NZHerald timeline – there will be Saturday and Sunday archives as well if you have a poke around. I’m very taken with the well drilled Civil Defence response –  excellent leadership. Though, in best of the worst stakes I’m rather glad I only found out about this – this morning. You do have to wonder.

Screen grab: NZ Herald

Update 12:59 6/9/2010: Some humour.

Update 01:01 6/9/2010Aggregation.

Christchurch NZ earthquake ctd.

Perspective (from the PA ‘family’): The Shakes (read the comments) 09:23PM 4/8/2010

Wikipedia: 2010 Canterbury earthquake 08:20PM 4/8/2010

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