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Cambridge New Zealand Community Directory 2011

Cambridge Community Directory 2011

In the mailbox this morning. So, I guess this is launch day for the new online version. Now, I’m wondering – well, I have been for some time – the ability to login and store numbers? Facebook et al. capture? OK, social networking interactivity (the site looks naked without any share buttons) and something I know even less about – the capture of numbers to your mobile address book – is this built in or is there an app? – am I talking through a hole in my head? And while I’m imagining a bright shiny new future how about wifi for the CBD – unrelated but related – just saying. Oh and also unrelated but related how about this then?

Cambridge NZ Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Cambridge New Zealand – Cambridge iSite website facelift! relaunch

Cambridge NZ Web

Looking good | & |

Looking good both mobile and desktop versions – | (Geolocation as an option?). I’m pretty sure the launch will be happening towards the end of the month. Nice.

Cambridge NZ Photography

Remember Photo Month NZ 2009

A good time to do something in the photographic line. Have a portrait taken, get some enlargements made – do some family archive work. There are some great deals out there. Your local PMA member is Dianna at Hot Shots To Go Duke Street Cambridge. Or you can contact me.

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