Cambridge Farmers Market at Leamington Domain

Mamas Donuts Cambridge Farmers Market Leamington Domain

Mamas Donuts Cambridge Farmers Market Leamington Domain

The royal visit today necessitated Cambridge Farmers Market giving up its prime spot on Victoria Square for Leamington Domain. A most picturesque relocation. And yes, there seemed to be a steady stream of customers given, I understand, the location was only firmed up during the week. | Facebook

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Welcome to Cambridge NZ – busking at the Farmers’ Market

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Cambridge Farmers' Market, Victoria Square, Cambridge, New Zealand

A delightfully tuneful busker entertains visitors to Cambridge Farmers’ Market on this crisp, sunny, spring morning – Saturday, the 2nd of October 2010 – at Victoria Square, Cambridge, New Zealand. The Cambridge Farmers’ Market is a year round Saturday morning appointment for those wishing to buy fresh produce directly from local producers.

Wholly cow on Radio NZ National Country Life

Wholly cow on Radio NZ National Country Life

Early this afternoon Carol Stiles from RNZ National Country Life rings asking for use of the Tom Andrews Wholly Cow portrait. If you missed the item you can listen here during the coming week. I guess this is my little bit of support for RadioNZ – join the Facebook group. photo ref.

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