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I’m planning a modest project (10 – 20 pieces) for Cambridge Autumn Festival next month. The photographs will be made this weekend and next week with post production and printing to follow with a non opening sometime Tuesday the 20th of March. OK, lets say first thing Wednesday the 21st to be safe. Published 6/3/2012

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Cambridge New Zealand Christmas parade 2011

Karapiro School | Alice in Wonderland

Heaps of fun. Heaps of energy, support and enthusiasm – community / commercial / service / personal. It didn’t rain. I like there being as many folk in the parade as there are folk watching the parade. It’s goodbye to Ann (retiring editor Cambridge Edition) and hello to Cambridge Volunteer Fire Brigade‘s flash new utility rescue vehicle. New World Cambridge do their thing superbly – supportive and practical. Louise is beaming; her Likes having doubled in recent days. On the subject of commercial support and such – big ups to Victoria Station for the best purpose built float by far.  Thumbs down to the real estate firm who cluttered up the pavement outside their establishment with advertising; embarrassing / tacky take your pick. Commercial messages abound and I’m not against them – there were 54 floats / participant groups and organisations in this year’s parade –  Maree tells me – practical and financial support has to come from somewhere – but hey lets see some creativity from our business sector – your commercial message is implicit in your participation.  Then there was the young chap on the PA who had some pronunciation issues – not quite Monty Python but close; Kaipaki really is the easiest name to say if you sound it out. St Peters Catholic School‘s wonderful nativity scene. Middle School band – and of course Karapiro School‘s wonderful Alice in Wonderland extraveganza / production. The flowers are from Karapiro School :) And lots lots more: there are more photos here.

Karapiro School report

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Main Street Carnival | Cambridge Autumn Festival 2011

When: Sunday 1st May, 10.00AM – 2.00PM

Where: Victoria Street Cambridge CBD, Victoria Square, Town Hall, Town Hall piazza

Entry: Free

Information:  Cambridge Autumn Festival 2011

Shot on Sunday 2/5/2010 and edited to give a small taste of the flavour of Cambridge Autumn Festival 2010 Main Street Carnival [5:46]. Day gallery for 2/5/2010.

Rowing in Victoria Street Cambridge New Zealand

Row off for New Zealand Heart Foundation

The lads who took part in the New Zealand Heart Foundation bankers v brokers row-off fundraiser this morning in Cambridge New Zealand; Barry Young, Jeff Hitchcock & Paul Evans (Westpac Cambridge) with Phil Caldwell, Adam Thompson & Matt Edwards (Lime Group) – someone might like to help put the names in correct order for me! Fundraising continues around Cambridge CBD tomorrow. Donations here, by ringing 0800 830 100 or popping into your local Westpac branch.

Day gallery

Isn’t she lovely National Hotel Cambridge New Zealand

National Hotel, Cambridge New Zealand
The Nash, Lake Street, Cambridge New Zealand fresh in her new livery beams into the afternoon sun, today, Saturday the 29th of February 2011. After a period of neglect and abandonment tenants of the new (and local) owners are due to move into the refurbished building toward the end of February 2011. As regular readers know the National Hotel has a special place in my heart.

What’s on Cambridge New Zealand | Cambridge Cruise Night

Classic Cars Cruise Night, hosted by the Stragglers monthly, meet tonight in Victoria Street starting at 6pm, with the cars arriving a little before then – central Victoria Street, Cambridge, New Zealand. Each month the number of cars changes – so there could be anywhere from 30 to 60 or more classic cars – everyone is invited to come along and have a look.

What’s on Cambridge New Zealand – Le Joie French style market

Le Joie French Style Market Cambridge New Zealand

Le Joie French Style Market, Corner Empire & Alpha Streets Cambridge, New Zealand. Rebecca Lee Market Manager 027 263 5253 or Saturdays30th October, 6th November, 13th November, 20th November, 27th November, 4th December, 11th December, 18th December 2010.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – the mayor & the CEO

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Alan Livingston & Tom Mayo

Two instantly recognisable profiles. Waipa District Mayor Alan Livingston and Tom Mayo CEO of the 2010 World Rowing Championships chat in the doorway of Cambridge Town Hall this afternoon Sunday the 17th of October 2010. Beyond Cambridge Town Hall piazza, the cenotaph, Jubilee Gardens and Cambridge CBD. Thirteen days to go!

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – at Cambridge Museum

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Eris Parker curator of Cambridge Museum with the museum’s women’s hat display (1950s and 60s I’m reliably informed). This photograph taken last Thursday was made for an article in today’s Cambridge Edition (October 13, 2010) promoting The High Tea Fashion Show to be held in the Cambridge Town Hall this Sunday.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – Central Courtyard

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Central Court and the Central Courtyard aka Rouge Courtyard

There are eight or ten possies around the Cambridge CBD that attract alfresco diners – especially on a beautiful cloud free spring morning such as this. Here at the southern end of Empire Street Central Court the former Central Hotel home now to retail outlets and other businesses. To the left Rouge Cafe patrons on this Sunday morning the 3rd of October 2010. Cambridge New Zealand.

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand – Dukes For Men

Welcome to Cambridge New Zealand

Malcolm McLachlan Dukes For Men

Cambridge CBD retailing stalwart Malcolm McLachlan at his Victoria Street shop Dukes For Men – open for business seven days a week – bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, Sunday, the 3rd of October 2010. Malcolm tells me he has especially imported Musto label polos and tees with a nautical feel in for the 2010 World Rowing Championships. Entertaining retailing.

Cambridge New Zealand – an historical missed opportunity

In August of 1964, shortly after my 13th birthday, in my last year at Whitehall School and before 1965’s big move to Cambridge High School, Mr Sutcliffe, our headmaster bought us older kids into town, during school time, to see the unveiling of the Fort Street plaque in that special week leading up to the Cambridge Centennial celebrations. Despite the rain and the briefness of the ceremony it is an experience I recall with absolute clarity. An historic event commemorating an historic Cambridge time and place; it enveloped me personally – vividly – in our history.

In recent days, in June of 2010, I became aware of the work to be carried out in the area we shall call the senior citizen’s hall car park – a not insignificant portion of the ‘historic precinct’ bounded by Victoria and Fort Streets and Milicich Place; the area referred to on the Fort Street plaque.

I took little notice until Wednesday (23/6/2010) when I, at last, walked over to have a look – discovering with more than just a little surprise an archaeological ‘dig’ in progress. I spoke briefly with the site manager and took this photograph of her. The significance of this began to dawn on me in the rather haphazard way that things do when you find yourself out of the loop.

Cambridge NZ dig 23/6/2010

12:19PM Wednesday, 23/June/2010

I walked away somewhat confused and with the promise to return with the means to photograph the site from on high – something it was suggested – was not in the budget. On Wednesday evening I arranged with real estate photographer Jason Tregurtha to use his high tech elevated photography rig to record the site.  Unfortunately this was not to be. I have been kicking myself for the past two days for not having had the presence of mind to ask how much longer the dig would be in progress. Returning to the site 24 hours after my first visit I found the dig all but covered over.

Cambridge Senior Citizen's Hall car park 24/6/2010

12:22PM Thursday, 24/June/2010

So, who could have exercised the foresight, the leadership, the imagination, indeed, who if anyone, has the responsibility or the authority to have grabbed the opportunity to share this with the rest of us? Not in the future, not as a report, but as it was happening.  Who has the responsibility for advocating our cultural and historical heritage? In the week we were being encouraged to celebrate voluntarism who missed the opportunity to seek docents or interpreters – even security – from our community for this project?

Here is a list of the statutory, community, ad hoc and informal offices(ers) who may or may not have had a say in this –  indeed who may have been consulted (or not) – in no particular order: Waipa District Council staff, our elected Waipa representatives, the Cambridge Historical Society Inc. (of which I am a member), the curator of Cambridge Museum, the Waipa District iwi liaison officer, the Waipa Heritage Council (an informal committee of Waipa District Council), the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, the New Zealand Archaeological Association.

I feel let down by those responsible for the care and stewardship of our heritage. What a lost opportunity. Lost a teaching moment – an investment in our future.  Lost a time to savour and share – the opportunity for contemplation and reflection on our heritage. With leadership, effective communications and planning the management of this project in terms of cost, time frame and security could / should have factored community enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise into the dig for the benefit of us all.

We did the elevated shot anyway – for the record – thanks Jason.

Elevated shot Senior Citizen's Hall car park Cambridge

1:38PM Saturday, 25/June/2010 Photo credit: Jason Tregurtha

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Cambridge New Zealand – BNZ – Chiefs supporters

BNZ crew

Jackie Hicks,  Jude Macale, Kellie Dromgool,  Gary Pevreal (top), Chris Nel (bottom), Louise Baldock-Mauriri and Denise Clarke – BNZ Partners in Cambridge -the Business & Agirbusiness department of the BNZ. Each BNZ Bank region supports their respective teams by wearing the jerseys on Fridays.

The Official Chiefs Website.

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