Bruce Jeans – Memories – Cambridge Probus (NZ)

Written in June last year and presented yesterday the 17 March 2010 to Cambridge Men’s Probus Club here is the text of Dad’s Memories presentation.

Bruce Jeans | Animal Stories | Memories of Whitehall

As a boy I grew up on the farm in Whitehall eight miles out of Cambridge and spent all of my working life on that farm. During that period I experienced many aspects of animal and bird behaviour and looking back I realise that our so called domesticated animals still retain some elements of their wild ancestors’ instinct for survival and sometimes even seem almost to think in human terms.

The following incidents are drawn from those memories and from stories I was told starting with a story of a cat told by my mother.

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Dad & Fred

Bruce Jeans assists reporter Katrina Lintonbon research an article she is writing for Cambridge Edition on Bruce’s grandfather, builder, Charles Potts. Charles Potts built the Cambridge Court House home now to Cambridge Museum one hundred years ago. Photo: Friday 17 July 2009.

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