KWTJubilee final signing off

Signing the final minutes - KWTJubilee meeting #22

KWTJubilee chair Kevin Roigard signs off Deb Robinson‘s minutes of the Karapiro, Whitehall, Taotaoroa & Karapiro Hydro Schools 125th Jubilee committee’s 22nd, and final, meeting. Those of us involved in the 20 month long project to plan for, and stage, the 24 – 26 September 2010 event met this evening, Monday, the 29th of November 2010 for a celebratory final meeting at Karapiro School. It has all been a great deal of fun. For more – Karapiro School.

Hobbits, Hobbiton, industrial politics and twitter chatter

Hobbits, Hobbiton and Wellington New Zealand
Hobbiton, the film/movie set, is at the very edge of the Cambridge economic and social catchment. Tucked into rolling farmland between Cambridge and Matamata on the Buckland Road – to the east of here – it is now a significant tourist attraction. Hobbiton’s presence has added value to the local economy – which is great. That the fictional Shire is located among those hills in which I grew up has always seemed entirely appropriate to me. This is, of course, sentimental nonsense but does reflect some of the magic I felt about my surroundings when growing up, and still do. I have yet to grasp what is actually happening in the stoush currently surrounding The Hobbit – but here’s hoping this special place does not lose it’s place both in the imagination and the real world.

Overnight (20/10/2010) Twitter chatter for Wellington, New Zealand via Russell Brown.

Russell et el; Hard News: Anatomy of a Shambles

The ‘official’ KWT Jubilee photos

The ‘official’ KWT Jubilee photos are being uploaded here. This will take a day or so. If you see an omission or mistake please email me. Those who ordered with registration or on the day should receive their photos late next week. Once I have everything uploaded I will put a form in place for new orders. Please check out the KWTJubilee website for updates.