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Telecom New Zealand | Nokia 2125 CDMA to Android

This is a six month project – I’m in no rush. I got my first mobile phone in 1991 and have had 6 or 7 since. Uniden, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, GTran & etc. I’ve managed to break one – the rest have lasted the distance. My current is a Nokia 2125 CDMA; my favourite and the most long lasting – 4 years? It makes and receives calls, it makes and receives the odd text and it fits snugly in the fob pocket of my jeans. Next year the Telecom NZ CDMA network will shut down. I need a new phone. So going all out what do I want? – the obvious and the wish list.

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Te Rewa Rewa walkway bridge, Waiwhakaiho River, Taranaki.

Opening Saturday 5 June 2010 11:36AM.

Looking west from the eastern bank towards New Plymouth. Given clear skies, I’m assured Maunga Taranaki can be seen – slightly to the left is my guess.

Peter Tennent, Mayor of New Plymouth and Rosemary Tennent.
Peter Tennent, Mayor of New Plymouth and Rosemary Tennent.

Looking east from the western bank.

There is a photo gallery here:

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Judith Robinson reflections on 50 years Cambridge Repertory

Judith Robinson‘s delightful performance celebrating the 50th birthday of Cambridge Repertory for Cambridge Rotary at the Riverside, Williamson Street, Cambridge, New Zealand this evening Thursday the 27th of May 2010 [12:34].

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60,000 pictures, 9,600 prints and over 1,800 pictures again.

By Ary KernnerDon’t you love it? I would not have the patience.

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Safari browsing

Apologies to Safari users who’ve been unable to my view recent video embeds. I think I’ve solved the problem – though can’t work out why it should have been happening. Is it an address thing ( v  I don’t think so –  any ideas? It is definitely an issue at the Vimeo server end – I have over ridden the embed at this / these domain(s) only with a global setting for the time being – beyond that I’m a bit lost.

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Keith Loutit

The thought provoking work of Keith Loutit.

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Chris Thompson & the Big Muffin Serious Band

Hamilton, Hamilton
it’s the greatest little town in New Zealand
but I’d do anything to get away

A moment to savour. Composer Chris Thompson joins the Big Muffin Serious Band on stage for a unique rendition of the Hamilton song the first time composer and band have performed the BMSB standard together – at Community Radio Hamilton‘s Incredible String Bands! Open Day 2010 – outside the studios in Collingwood Street, Hamilton – this afternoon.

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