Fog 11:30pm Shakespeare Street Leamington NZ

We have had a series of frosts this week. Today was cold and rather miserable – a black frost (a frost with morning cloud cover) – I am not sure if the daytime temperature rose much above 8-9 degrees C today which is a rarity around here even during winter – we are usually slightly milder than this. A related observation, across the river, is made on Velofille’s photostream. And Phil. There is a change coming though – as always.

Maadi Cup Tweets

Curley27, Motorbikegirl, _Bonjour_, deprivedonlykid Favourite :) Stroke: sits at the front and looks pretty Bow: has an amazing talent for finding floating trees, banks, other boats, etc I did a search interested to see what the take up of Twitter is among this cohort of people; um – not great. Maadi the place in Egypt isContinue reading “Maadi Cup Tweets”