Pukekura Park, New Plymouth, New Zealand

I went to look at the Pukekura Park lights on my own this evening Boxing Day the 26th of December 2010. This had the distinct advantage of being able to move quickly through the large mass of folk present. Not too much new but enjoyable for a whole host of visual reasons. I was though taken with the ultra violet light display show here in a short video and a photo. Very nicely done.

AbbieJury.co.nz banner

Abbie Jury has been writing for the garden pages of the Taranaki Daily News on a weekly basis for the past 14 years, and contributes to various other gardening publications. Readership surveys by the Daily News rank her highly (of late, second only to the TV critic) for her combination of technical knowledge, an appropriately down to earth approach, wry wit and flowing writing style.

Abbie gardens alongside her husband Mark (himself a plantsman of note and internationally renowned plant breeder) at Tikorangi – The Jury Garden in North Taranaki, New Zealand.

More a murky khaki than clean and green

Our geographic isolation works to our advantage environmentally. But our clean and green tag has more to do with a very small population than with a high level of environmental awareness. Many of us have a long way to go before we can claim to be green and clean at a personal level and some have even further to go than others. It would be good if the gardening norm here embraced sustainability and sound environmental practice. I think it is described as gardening with the environment, not in spite of it.

Jury Camellias

Volunteer (chance seedling) This release volunteered itself and seemed appropriate to name for the International Year of Volunteering 2001. Distinctive flowers open soft pink with white edging, deepening throughout the season to dark pink, still with the white edge until the late flowers which may be pure red. Heavy textured full anemone form. Dark foliage and compact growth to 2m. Plant Variety Rights apply in New Zealand and Australia.