Mucking about with Lightroom CC

Images made over the past few weeks with the Samsung Galaxy S8. Edited on the phone with Lightroom CC; a tad paint by numbers but fun. Just a pity I can’t get Windows 10 to recognise the desktop version. Much looking and cache etc but no luck yet. As I am wont to comment whenever surveyed by Adobe ‘great tools just a pity having to navigate the gatekeepers and the ‘troubleshooting’ threads to solve a problem’. Others share the issue but no solution to be found as yet. I shall just wait. The Creative Cloud Photography plan apps have all been updated in recent days.

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A Day In The Life Of New Zealand 18 March 1983

Jayne Michael 18/3/1983

Self portrait | Jayne Michael 18/3/1983

ref: ISBN 0 85921 210 6 pp 51 & 201

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Best of New Zealand Geographic Photographic Exhibition

Best of New Zealand Geographic Photographic ExhibitionStopping in Taupo for lunch today I notice the rather large ‘rustic’ and somewhat surreal sign for the Best of New Zealand Geographic Photographic Exhibition. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit the exhibition which I understand was showing close by at the Taupo Great Lakes Centre.

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The Nikon F90X

Joanna Rushton
Jo has had a rough time of late – and today wasn’t the greatest. Jo wants to pursue photography (with the rationed school time she has at her disposal) through her art. The 90X was retired in 2005 after a full life as a professional camera from new in 1999 or thereabouts. After some too-ing and fro-ing on Facebook and a quick look at what’s on offer on TradeMe – we decide this the best option and a good match.

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This sounds promising

Open-source camera could revolutionize digital photography

Stanford scientists’ open-source camera could change photography by giving programmers anywhere the power to change camera features and create new possibilities.

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