What is this thing called GRINZ?

GRINZ is a voluntary group of people with an interest in photography, who subscribe to this newsletter and meet from time to time (in Wellington, where this all started). There are no qualifications or costs to join – if you’re interested, you’re in ..

From GRINZ Newsletter – 18 January 2010

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Celebrated this Sunday afternoon in Cambridge at Deli on the Corner in Victoria Street – the exhibition opening of dIGITAL EYEs – the work of six Cambridge photographers. Characterful and colourful the Deli on the Corner café – one of Cambridge’s most popular – is home to much visual delight. Above photographer and Cambridge Edition editor Ann Huston – one of the six – with her work – “Flying High” – a photograph taken during Armistice in Cambridge last year. Ann tells me the plane is a Pitts S2S Special piloted by Noel Cruse.

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