Louise and Rodney’s wedding Pauanui 18/12/2010

Rodney and Louise 18/12/2010

For me full time wedding photography (1981 -2001) drew to an end, gradually, in the early 2000s. I have during the past decade agreed to help out from time to time – I don’t avoid, am happy to – I just don’t go looking. Oh, but, I do have a modest list of special wedding commitments – those who may choose to wed at some unspecified time in the near or distant future.

Usually one has time to prepare for such an event – months. This story has been told a number of times during the past few weeks. At 08:24:40 on the morning of the 18th I receive a text from one moderately distressed chief bridesmaid, of my acquaintance, saying in part we might need you. The photographer concerned had unfortunately contacted a debilitating 24 hour bug over night. What followed was a heap of fun – if rather exhausting. So, a quick trip from the Waikato into the Coromandel – through heavy mist and rain, north over the hill, from Waihi to Whangamata – arriving I think seven minutes after the originally appointed start time of 1:30.

A small gallery of images from Rodney and Louise’s wedding, at Pauanui, on Saturday the 18th of December 2010.

UC Student Volunteer Army Christchurch New Zealand

This is so cool. The front of house for the huge volunteer effort being undertaken by the young folk of Christchurch and beyond.

If you need assistance with non-life threatening tasks such as silt or debris removal please complete this form. For anything life threatening, dial 111.



WRCH2010 Day 8 Sunday 7 November 2010 11:04am

Park & Ride shuttle buses, Maungatautari Road, Karapiro, New Zealand

Park & Ride shuttle buses, Maungatautari Road, Karapiro, New Zealand WRCH2010 Day 8 Sunday 7 November 2010 11:04am.

Down to the Wire, the story of New Zealand’s Internet

Cool. AND Flying Nun – in the year of – downloads to boot.

In the end, we won through, and in April, New Zealand became the first country in the Pacific region with a full and direct connection to the US Internet backbone. NASA itself had agreed to pay for half of the 9.6kbit/s undersea link from Hawaii through to Waikato University.



TU MAI | digital edition

Hope you enjoy this digital version of TU MAI  and join us in the excitement this new development means for us and our readers.A note from Ata Te Kanawa – the digital version of TU MAI is now available online by free subscription;

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The latest edition of TU MAI is here.

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Cambridge New Zealand – TrustPower road show

TrustPower @ Red Cherry

The lads from TrustPower; Graig Neustroski National Sales Manager and Graeme Purches Community Relations Manager speak to members of Cambridge Chamber of Commerce this evening, Wednesday the 30th of June 2010, at Red Cherry Cafe. Their subject; New Zealand’s power supply industry and TrustPower’s place in it. A wide ranging presentation – PowerPoint and all – current, historic and projected power requirements. Planning, strategy and logistics for future generation requirements. Expectations, obligations and frustrations under current regulation. TrustPower investment policy and strategies / positioning in the commercial and domestic power supply market. Not forgetting research, community v corporate philosophies (hearts and minds stuff) – and the big picture where do we go from here? questions. Along with one or two bits and bobs I didn’t quite grasp.

Heady stuff – whew!

Part feel good, part advocacy, part PR and part too much information – robustly entertaining none the less. Oh, and a disclosure; I am a happy TrustPower customer also using TrustPower telecoms division Kinect (BTW excellent and personable tech. support).

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Cambridge New Zealand – BNZ – Chiefs supporters

BNZ crew

Jackie Hicks,  Jude Macale, Kellie Dromgool,  Gary Pevreal (top), Chris Nel (bottom), Louise Baldock-Mauriri and Denise Clarke – BNZ Partners in Cambridge -the Business & Agirbusiness department of the BNZ. Each BNZ Bank region supports their respective teams by wearing the jerseys on Fridays.

The Official Chiefs Website.

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Cambridge Autumn Festival 2010 – Nairobi Trio

The Nairobi Trio perform before an enthusiastic audience at St Andrews Parish Hall, Cambridge, New Zealand this evening, Thursday, the 29th of April 2010. Masterful and thoroughly entertaining. Very deliberately shot from a static POV (Canon G10) to soak up the atmosphere and the music of course. BTW the odd flashes of light in the windows left and right is traffic passing by on SH1, Hamilton Road – just beyond the hall. Very lo-fi but you get the picture. [06:38]

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