Meet the candidate

Edited 21:00 06/11/2008 I am rather late with this – two days – old news. Been soaking up history being made. On Tuesday morning when clearing our mailbox I found a flyer inviting us to a meet the candidate do the previous evening. I am sorry I missed it. I must admit that I didContinue reading “Meet the candidate”

Hoardings or billboards

I have always called them election hoardings. When I was discussing the quality of said constructions this morning I got a blank look. Billboards I added and was understood. I have always thought of them as hoardings. Billboards populate desert landscapes for Wile E. Coyote to hide behind in order to ambush the Road Runner.Continue reading “Hoardings or billboards”

Robbie Mac

Visiting us today Robbie Mac, enthusiastic and full of folksy charm, to introduce his candidacy in the general election. Robbie is standing in the Taupo Electorate as an independent candidate. One of Robbie’s causes is support for binding citizen generated referenda. You can contact Robbie at 6/40 Green’s Landing, Nukuhau, Taupo 3330. Good luck Robbie.Continue reading “Robbie Mac”

Kerbside advertising

Redrawn electoral boundaries mean, for the first time in my life, I live in a truly contestable electorate. Great. The 2008 electorate profiles are published on the Parliament website. You can download and view the PDFs that map the Taupo Electorate here. This map on the Elections New Zealand site is also useful. And theContinue reading “Kerbside advertising”