1 July 2018

On a mission of sorts. Half time. Have been cross posting during June. This will continue during July. Comparing the mechanics and usefulness of web platforms used, or ignored, over the past decade or so. ello.co far and away the easier and most elegant posting experience of all; vies with Behance as a digital creativesContinue reading “1 July 2018”

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Cow billboards, Mystery Creek Road, Kaipaki, Waikato, New Zealand. .. would that be billboardus bovis (apologies; just made that up) spotted on the way to the 50th Fieldays Wednesday 13/6/2018 (use the Park n Ride at the Town Belt / Cambridge BMX, Lamb Street, Leamington – if it works for you).. 13/6/2018